In-game description: Slow-moving rocket propulsion that offers high maneuverability and a slight boost to damage.

The Agile Propulsion is a variation of the RocketRocket propulsion. The projectile travels in a straight line unaffected by range or altitude as it travels. The projectile travels at a slow pace and is therefore more agile to redirect with Laser-Guidance or with Remote Control. This makes it an efficient propulsion choice for Laser-Guidance and Remote Control set-ups.

Comparison to related Propulsion
Propulsion Difference
RocketRocket Damage: -2.15

Reload Time: -0.24s

Super-SlowSuper-Slow Damage: +6.21

Reload Time: +0.24s

Tiers Upgrade
Tier 2 +0.45% Strength

+4.50% Projectile Speed

Tier 3 (coming soon)