Assault Rifle
Assault rifle

In this context, the Assault Rifle is the default weapon available to players when they start the game which has not been altered to any extent.

It consists of a standard stock, a full-auto trigger, a standard magazine, an assault barrel, iron sights and the slug payload.


Damage 7.23
Rate of Fire 11.76
Reload TIme 1.60s
Clip Size 50
Range 125.00
Hip Acc. 38.61%
Aim Acc. 79.98%
Stability 42.26%

These stats are accurate as of 18/04/2014

As seen from the stat table to the right, the assault rifle focuses more on rate of fire and range making it a good weapon to finish off enemies with low hp.


The Assault Rifle is recommended for mid-range combat, and should be used to finish off opponents. When paired with the Grenade Launcher and Hand GrenadeHand Grenades, it creates a well-rounded loadout to use when you start the game.


Assault and BatteryEdit

Weapon Slot 1 - Assault Rifle

Weapon Slot 2 - Grenade Launcher

Equipment - Hand Grenade


Here is some gameplay featuring the Assault Rifle by Star_. Star_'s channel:

Loadout (Beta) Now with hats!

Loadout (Beta) Now with hats!

Gameplay involving the Assault Rifle.