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There is a large selection of Avatars in Loadout to express yourself with.  Most avatars can be unlocked through in-game actions, such as getting a required amount of kills, but some avatars require purchase with the premium SpaceBux currency.  Avatars can be selected and bought by navigating to the Locker tab in the menu, and then clicking the rightmost tab conveniently labeled "Avatars."


This is a list of all the avatars currently available in Loadout .  It is in the same order as in the in-game menu.


Description Picture


T-Bone Default
Helga Default
Bloody Eye Unlock by reaching level 5
Bloody Eye
Iron Fist Unlock by reaching level 10
Laughing Rocket Unlock by reaching level 15
Cobra Unlock by reaching level 20
Skull Unlock by reaching level 30
Lvl 30
The Reaper Unlock by reaching level 40
Lvl 40
Leather Justice 1500 SpaceBux
Leather Justice
Jump Boots Unlock by accessing all 14 equipment
Jump Boots
Punk Lace 2000 SpaceBux
Punk Lace
Hot Rocket Unlock by accessing all 54 launcher parts
Pile O' Bullets Unlock by accessing all 34 rifle parts
Tesla Prism Unlock by accessing all 31 beam parts
Balls Of Steel Unlock by accessing all 41 pulse parts
Ball Of Steel
No More Face Default
In My Crosshairs 3000 SpaceBux
In My Crosshairs
Flame On! Unlock by getting 1500 kills
Fuzzy Dice Unlock by winning 25 games
Head Like A Hole 1000 SpaceBux
Head Like A Hole
Sleezy Pinup 3700 SpaceBux
Sleezy Pinup
Ace Of Spades Unlock by winning 100 games
Ace Of Spades
Hard Beer Unlock by referring another player     
Brains Unlock by getting 500 headshots     
You Son Of A Bitch! Unlock by healing and/or buffing 50 times
You son of a bitch
Blutonium Vial Unlocked By Get 50 Blutonium Vial
Blutonium Vial
Hammer Time Unlock by smashing 3 people with a hammer
Squattin' Unlock By Capturing 3 Control Points
Damage Booster Unlocked By Kill Enemy In Annihilation That Have Damage Booster
Damage Booster
Dropship Annihilation - destroy the enemy dropship
Slick Silver 2000 SpaceBux
Slick Silver
World's Greatest Player 4700 SpaceBux
World's Greatest Player
Scorpion 500 SpaceBux
Company Man 600 SpaceBux
Company Man
Cock Of The Walk 600 SpaceBux
Cock Of The Walk
Silver Man 1200 SpaceBux
Silver Man
Bitchin' Space RV 600 SpaceBux
Bitchin' Space RV
Dune Buggy 750 SpaceBux
Dune Buggy
Turret Buddy 2000 SpaceBux
Turret Buddy Avatar
Bot Unlock by playing for 10 hours
I Outrank All Of You! Unlock by playing for 100 hours
I Outrank All Of You
This Is My Rifle Unlock by upgrading a single item to tier 2

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