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"Medical diagnostic tool that allows you to see the health of friendly and enemy players when using the scope."

The Bio-Scanner is a scope that when attached allows you to see health bars
2014-02-10 00021

The Bio-Scanner in action. Enemies will have red health bars.

floating above a players head. It has a relatively large range. It will also turn the screen into a faded green.

The Bio-Scanner can be bought in the tech tree for 2240 blutes and will unlock the X-Ray scope. Upgrading it will increase its accuarcy.

2014-02-10 00022

The Bio-Scanner in the Tech Tree


The Bio-Scanner is best used on a healing weapon, or a ranged weapon. It can be used to pick off weak enemies at a distance (such as with a sniper) or to prioritize healing. Its a useful tool and has the same stats as the iron sights.

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