Blitz is one of the 5 Game Types available to play in Loadout. It is a team-based mode in which both teams attempt to capture control points, AKA "The Laundry", and keep their opponents from taking them. Only one point may be active at any time, and the round ends when one team reaches 3000 points, or when time runs out.


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When captured, each control point is worth 500 points to the capturing team. In order for the point to be captured, at least 1 member of either team must be within the capture area. This area is a spherical zone around the central post with a radius of about 2.5 meters.

With more people of the same team in this area, the point will be captured faster. However, if opponents are in this area, each opposing player counts as a negative player to the capturing team. In other words, 1 opponent will cancel out 1 teammate. If there are equal amounts of opponents and teammates, the capture will not progress, and will stop until a player dies or leaves the capture area.

Once a point is captured, the points will immediately be awarded to the capturing team, and the game will progress to the next area. Between each capture is a 5 second wait, which players can use to move out of the area of the previous point. It should be noted that spawn points are influenced by the point's position, so it may be wise to wait until the 5 seconds are over before moving from a respawn.


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Loadout Gametype Tutorial Blitz 101

Loadout Gametype Tutorial Blitz 101

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