Carrying Blutonium in its pure form.

Blutonium is a light blue resource in Loadout. Makes an appearance in two different gamemodes, and is also used as currency. It can be found in its crystalline form in Extraction, and in a more refined form in Death Snatch. Blutonium can also be found in menus as currency for the Tech Tree.

Blutonium CrystalsEdit

Raw Blutonium crystals appear in the game mode Extraction. Blutonium is volatile in its raw form, with this being a major part of the game mode. When damaged by a weapon, crystals on the ground charge up and explode, often killing any players inside the blast radius. The collector can also throw his held blutonium in an attempt to kill the enemy, instantly exploding on contact with the ground.

Blutonium VialsEdit


Blutonium Vial.

Refined Blutonium, in the form of vials, can be seen in the game mode Death Snatch. Unlike raw Blutonium, the Blutonium Vials aren't very dangerous, and can be collected safely with no risk of explosion. Blutonium is very valuable in this form, with the goal of the game mode being to kill the enemy and stealing their held vials.


Blutonium currency, called Blutes , is used outside of matches. Blutes can be used to unlock weapon parts and equipment at the Tech Tree. Blutes are acquired by completing matches and leveling up, with more blute awarded the better you play. The physical form of this currency is unknown.

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