Bolt Action

Bolt Action

A special single-shot loading magazine that vastly increases the damage dealt by the weapon. However, due to its single-shot nature it is ineffective when used with rapid-fire barrels such as Gatling or Assault.


  • The widest use of the Bolt-Action magazine is with sniper rifles, as with a few upgrades, they can deal a 1 hit kill with a headshot, as well as over 50 damage on a body shot (allowing you to equip 2 snipers for a quick double-bodyshot kill).
  • Bolt-Action is also used on shotguns, in part due to the fact that you can click and press the melee key nearly simultaneously to deliver a pseudo-instakill. This tactic only works if the shotgun does at least 60 damage, which allows the melee attack (40 damage) to deliver the killing blow. The large damage boost from Bolt-Action makes it easy to hit the 60 damage threshold.

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