Co-Op Vs Bots is a playlist in which you can test your skills against AI. It is also recommended for new players as bots are easier opponents than humans and will help you prepare for Vs. Humans.

The BotsEdit

The Bots have basic movement and very basic map awareness making them easy to ambush. Their aim is sometimes unnatural and they can hit you even when you surprise them. There is a list of possible names they can be, often which are humorous references to things outside of the game. The cosmetics of the AI are also randomly generated at the start of the game, so as to promote the costumes they are wearing. Their weapons are typically hit-scan shotguns and Cage rocket launchers.

Pros vs. ConsEdit

There are advantages and disadvantages to versing the AI.

Pros Cons
Can play by yourself
Generally easy gameplay Can be more challenging if you have a more skilled player on your team.
Still fun Unrealistic gameplay, as real players have different guns and playstyles
A good way to learn the game Glitchy
Easier to get some Contracts completed
Good place to test out new guns on opponents that fight back
Can earn blutes. The amount you would normally earn in a normal Vs. Humans match is halved.


There are a few tactics to beating the AI, some are listed below. PLEASE NOTE: These are tactics for lower leveled playing, they may not work in higher levels!

  • Use a Turret Buddy, the AI do not attack it.
  • Place Faux Health Pickup in the middle of high-traffic areas, because of the basic movement they will walk over it/jump on it.
  • Have a Sniper Rifle, because of the movement it can be extremely easy to land headshots (one hit kills!).
  • Disguise will fool them every time, unless they see you disguising.

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