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The "Loadouts" Tab

Weapon Crafting and Outfit Customization, come together to form a Loadout in the Loadout Editor. Loadout Editor is home to all the players' loadout sets. There are ten Loadout Sets that the player can edit and customize to fit to their liking, however only 3 can be unlocked by playing the game - the rest must be purchased. Each Loadout Set has four slots, which can be filled with 2 weapons, 1 equipment, and 1 outfit. Each loadout can be given a unique name.

The equipment slot allows players to equip one piece of equipment from a list of pre-made utilities. These various pieces of equipment are unlocked as the player progresses through the game, which includes: Hand GrenadeHealth PickupJump BootsFaux Health PickupTurret BuddyTesla GrenadeEquipment PickupShieldFaux Equipment PickupHealing GrenadeSpawn PointFire GrenadeDisguiseBuff Grenade, and Deployable Shield.

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