2014-06-30 00003

The deployable shield in-game

The Deployable Shield is a piece of equipment added in the 2.0 update.

When activated, it creates a curved force field that protects the user from incoming fire. The shield originally had 150 health but got buffed to 200 in update 2.0.

The Deployable Shield requires an Equipment Pack to be replenished.

Only one shield can be deployed at a time per player. Deploying a new one will destroy the other.

Like the Personal Shield and the Turret Buddy, the deployable shield takes twice the damage from Tesla weapons.

The Deployable Shield is not damaged by melee.

You can shoot through the shield from behind, but be careful, as your weapons will damage your shield if used up front. Enemies can also use your own shield to protect themselves, and anyone can go though it.

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