Deployables Edit

This article discusses a class of equipment. For main article, go to Equipment.

Deployables are a certain class of Equipment. They are avaialbe in Loadout as items to equip in your equipment slot, or "third-item" slot.

General Information Edit

What distinguishes Deployables for regular Equipment is the dynamic of the entity itself. A Deployable is used as a support item, rather than an weapon, like the Hand GrenadeHand Grenade. Also, Deployables are placed on to the actual map itself, making the distinction more between Equipment more easy to see.

They often do indirect damage or, in certain cases, no damage; with the trade-off being an extra advantage to the Deployable-using team.

Available Deployables Edit

The Deployables currently able to be bought in the Tech Tree and used in-game are listed below:

Health Pickup Edit

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