Dispersals of a Launcher defines how the projectile explodes.

Please note, these names and descriptions are directly from the game!

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Description Range
ExplosiveExplosive Improved Explosive Advanced Explosive Basic disperal that causes a spherical explosion from the point of detonation. All
ClusterCluster Improved Cluster Advanced Cluster Projectiles burst into 6 cluster bombs that spread out and fall to the ground. All
FlakFlak Improved Flak Advanced Flak Sends a spray of small explosives to a wide area, causing damage over time. All
None Quad ClusterQuad Cluster Quad Cluster Disperses your projectile into 4 medium sized clusterbombs that spread and fall. All
None None Extra Wide ClusterExtra Wide Cluster Disperses your projectiles into 8 small clusterbombs that spread out widely and fall. All