Do not get this confused with Propulsion! Dynamics is for Pulse weapons, Propulsion is for Launchers.

The Dynamics of a Pulse gun defines how the projectile travels and it's speed. Currently there are 6 Dynamics, listed in the table.

Please note, these names and descriptions are directly from the game. Also, the stats are accurate to 18/04/2014. All stats are based on default pulse weapon and will most likely change depending on different payloads.

Effects on stats
Standard DynamicsStandard Pulse travels at a medium high speed and stops on impact. None
BouncyBouncy Pulses that travel at a medium speed and bounce when they hit a surface. None
CorkscrewCorkscrew Spiraling pulses that move forward in a corkscrew trajectory. Damage: +0.63
SkippingSkipping Lobbed, bouncy projectile that skips multiple times off the ground. Damage: +0.88
Slow PulseSlow Pulse Travels at a slow speed and stops on impact. Damage: +1.93