The Carrier transporting the Blutonium

Extraction is one of the 4 game modes in Loadout that requires players to collect Blutonium. A collector in each team will be randomly chosen at the start of the match, The collector will need to grab the Blutonium crystals scattered all over the map and transport them to one of the Deployment Stations scattered around the map. The other players in the team will need to either escort their team's collector, or stop the enemy team's collector from collecting Blutonium. When the collector is killed, another collector will be chosen at random.

Shooting a chunk of blutonium on the floor with any weapon (weather you are the collector or not) will make it explode after a few seconds, which is a good idea if your enemies are all in a group around a piece of Blutonium.

The collector can also throw the Blutonium at the enemy when he has a chunk, making it explode like a grenade, causing severe damage.


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Unlike Death Snatch, Extraction requires a balance in offense and defense. As a result, it requires more strategic thinking and some more advanced tactics than the other games modes.


Loadout Gametype Tutorial Extraction 101

Loadout Gametype Tutorial Extraction 101

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