Equip Faux Ammo

In-game appearance

The Faux Equipment Pickup is a piece of equipment in Loadout. When used, it will deploy what appears to be a Equipment Pickup, filled with explosives.

To the opposing team, the item looks just like a normal Equipment Pack, but when an enemy tries to pick it up, it explodes, dealing up to 95 points of damage (confirmation needed). The Faux Equipment pickup cannot be triggered by friendly players.


  • An effective way to utilize the tool is putting them in the normal spawn locations of Equipment Packs to avoid suspicion.
  • When being shot the Faux Equipment PickupFaux Equipment Pickup explodes prematurely and thus it can be a safe way to avoid damage. This awards the player with the "Suspicious Package Alert!" bonus.

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Loadout Faux Equipment Pick up01:58

Loadout Faux Equipment Pick up


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