Equip Faux Health

Faux Health Pickup

 The Faux Health Pick-Up is a piece of equipment.

When used, it will deploy what appears to be a package filled with explosives. To the opposing team, however, it will appear as a slightly open Health PickupHealth Pickup and if they attempt to pick it up, it will explode dealing up to 95 points of damage.


  • It is a good idea to put over a health pack, as, if the enemy has low health, the sudden burst damage will kill them, where the health kit has to take time to heal you.
  • Sometimes it can be a good idea to use the health kit, than drop a faux kit where it was, to make it look more convincing.
  • It also explodes if anyone shoots it, causing it to blow up normally, dealing damage to anyone nearby. This is also an effective way of dealing with people hiding around corners.


  • Cannot be placed within a certain distance of another (no stacking).
  • Shows up on the radar as a red dot.
  • Shooting a Faux Health Pick-upTrap deployed by an enemy boosts the player's experience with the "Suspicious Package Alert!" bonus.