Equip Grenade Fire

Fire Grenade

The fire grenade is an equipment piece that has the same characteristics as the Hand GrenadeHand Grenade, but instead of dealing as much damage through the initial blast, it sets its victims on Pyrofire. It follows the guidelines of the Pyro payload, dealing 25% of its total damage upfront, then, the other 75% from the after-burn. To counter the disadvantage of latent damage, this grenade has the greatest potential damage output of all the other grenades. It can be thrown up to 2 times before having to be resupplied.

Due to enemies who are on fire taking 10% extra damage from all sources, this equipment piece can be used to weaken enemies and, make them more vulnerable to damage from your teammates.

Loadout Fire Grenade

Loadout Fire Grenade


The Fire Grenade can be unlocked via the Tech Tree after unlocking the Tesla Grenade.