Equip Grenade Healing

Health Grenade

Functions almost similiar to Hand GrenadeHand Grenade, except with a HealthHealth payload. Unlocked through the Tech Tree through Hand GrenadeHand Grenade > Healing GrenadeHealing Grenade. It contains 2 charges, which explode after being used, healing all allies within the vicinity. It also leaves behind a gel that heals everyone standing on it.


  • Heals 40 damage on direct impact, with damage falloff like normal explosions (further away means less initial heal)
  • Gel heals ~17 hit points per second when standing on it.
  • Gel effects do not stack if 2 grenades are used.
  • Tastes like sour apple.


  • Rules of Healthhealth payload follows.


Loadout Heal Grenade-003:48

Loadout Heal Grenade-0


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