Damage Type Healing
Cost 840 Blutes
Healing 5.62

* in comparison with default items

Health is a type of payload in Loadout. It is used to heal players on the same team as the user (including the user themselves, if using a LauncherLauncher or a PulsePulse with bouncing or skipping shots). A weapon with the Health payload has its damage stat replaced by the healing stat which shows how much each shot will heal.

A player exposed to a healing weapon while at full health will be overhealed, increasing his/her hitpoints above the usual limit of 100. The overhealing effect stops at 150 hitpoints.

Using this payload on enemies will neither damage, or heal them.


There are 2 types of healing in Loadout. The first one, and most commonly seen in other games is direct healing which is currently only possible via Health beams, health snipers, and the initial burst of a heal grenade. The most prevalent, and second form of healing is the hard capped HoT (Healing over Time) which applies to every other healing gun, and the medic pack.

The HoT is estimated to be 22 health per second.

This makes in combat healing less effective with Health Rifles, or Health Launchers as it will still be possible to be bursted down through the relatively weak heal, but generally speaking the HoT capped weapons are also a lot more effective at overhealing when between fights as they are almost always capable of pumping out more potential health in a given second than a direct heal such as a beam. 

The health payload does not put out pyro flames like the medic pack does.


  • The Health payload does work on Turret BuddyTurret Buddies, and can overheal the player who dropped it.
  • When healing others you will gain Kickback meaning you will recieve 35% of healing you have output allowing for you to overheal yourself.
  • It is possible to self heal, but you will only gain around an estimated 15% of the healing listed on the number (ie a hypothetical heal rocket for 100 would only be able to give you 15 health back when used on yourself). When self healing it is also impossible to overheal.
  • Some aspects of healing is difference in Casual mode and Annihilation mode
  • in Annihilation you can buy boosts which will increase healing done.