Equip Pickup Health

Health Pickup

The Health Pickup is a piece of equipment in Loadout unlocked in the Tech Tree through 20pxEquipment > 20pxDeployables > Turret BuddyTurret Buddy > Health PickupHealth Pickup. It allows the player to deploy Health Packs on the ground that allow for the healing of anyone that picks them up. The amount of Health Pickups that can be deployed before needing to resupply is 2.

If used wisely, this equipment piece can help keep you alive for longer. This is especially useful for Blitz, as it can keep you and your teammates on the control point for longer, sustaining more damage. However, one should be cautious of the opponents' locations when using this, as they can also pick up the pack.


  • Behaves just like a regular Health Pack, including the fact that even enemies can pick it up.
  • There is a short delay after deployment before the Health Pickup can be used.
  • In Casual, the Health Pickup with heal you completely. However, it will only refill a moderated amount of health in Ranked.
  • The Health Pickup will put out fires.
  • The Health Pickup has a heal over time effect.