Loadout Gametype Tutorial Jackhammer 101

Loadout Gametype Tutorial Jackhammer 101

The game Jackhammer is Loadout's equivalent of Capture The Flag with a twist; the "flags" are actually massive hammers, and the hammers can kill.

Each team's hammer is stored in a "dock", slightly behind the teams spawn points. To pick up the hammer a player must make his way across the map to where the enemy's hammer is stored and once in range press their "Pick Up" key (E by default) to pick up the hammer.

Once picked up the player will be unable to fire any weapons or use the melee bash, instead the Melee key and the Attack key will both cause the player to leap up into the air and smash the hammer down, causing a small AOE instakill around them and gaining 100 capture value for every kill on top of the base 500. At maximum value only 3 hammers will need to be captured to win a game, whereas at minimum value 6 will be required.

Each kill is displayed as a skull at the top of the HUD, underneath the relevant hammer. The hammer itself has 5 "charges" one of which is used up each time the wielder attacks, regardless of whether any kills were made. Once depleted, the wielder will hear an audio cue and no attack animation will be played upon pressing the Melee or Attack key.

The "hammer" in Jackhammer is also one of the more relevant objectives in the Annihilation gamemode, whereby the enemy's hammer has to be charged at one's own base, before being taken to the opponents dropship to destroy it's power supply, thus winning the game.


  • You cannot reacharge the "Smashes" by picking up equipment packs. The only way to recharge it is to have it returned to the enemies base.