Equip JumpBoost

Jump Boots

The Jump Boots are a piece of equipment that grants the user the ability to jump an additional time while already in the air. The Jump Boots have a cooldown of 3 seconds.

This double jump ability can be very useful in many applications, making it a powerful equipment piece. The extra height allows for much easier and faster movement around the map, and also allows players to get to locations that would normally be impossible to access. It can also be useful when used in conjunction with various weapons, such as Launchers, as you can jump very high over your enemies and escape your weapon's damage range, while also making it easy to escape their fire.


  • Grants access to places normally impossible to access.
  • Can be activated by pressing the equipment button as usual or by pressing the jump button while in midair.
  • Usable when wielding the Hammer.


Loadout Jump Boots

Loadout Jump Boots


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