Launchers are a type of Chassis in Loadout most noteable for its use of rockets in place of more common projectiles. When a player first starts Loadout, they get to choose one of four stock weapons, one of them being the stock launcher which fires rockets.
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Launcher Icon

Launchers can use rockets, lobbed grenade-style shots, mines and even Bombchu-style ground-travelling explosives. More details regarding its variety can be found in the appropriate pages.

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A stock rocket launcher

Stock Launcher StatsEdit

Damage 51.64 Range 50.00
Rate of Fire 0.59 Hip. Acc 60.00
Reload Time 1.69s Aim. Acc 96.13
Clip Size 1 Stability 29.71


Stock Standard Dampening Aluminum Exhaust Port Shock-Absorbing Compact
Scope Iron Sights Laser-Guidance System Bio-Scanner X-Ray Recon Scope Remote Control Optical Zoom Long-Range Scope
Barrel Cage Tri-Barrel Toob Quad-Barrel Heavy Hexabarrel Pentabarrel
Trigger Full Auto Semi-auto 2-Round Burst 3-Round Burst Salvo Spooling
Payload Slug Tesla Health Pyro The Juice
Propulsion Rocket Lobbed Agile Corkscrew Turbo Super-Slow Mortar Scuttle Super-Scuttle
Shell Impact Bouncing Sticky Rebounding
Detonator Contact Manual Proximity Timed
Dispersal Explosive Cluster Flak Quad Cluster Extra Wide Cluster


The rocket launcher is popular amongst players. There are certainly many viable combinations and with all the rocket launchers combinations, it has the highest level possiblity. The rocket launcher makes an excellent support weapon (being able to heal/buff many people) or being able to massive damage with its direct hits and splash damage.


The salvo launcher is useless with less than one rocket. The charge will affect speed and damage but not distance

The salvo launcher can be combined with the corkscrew propulsion to have all your rockets cluster up into one exact formation. It allows for massive damage.

The Laser-Guidance System is the only scope that reduces damage. It also causes rockets launched by the slavo launcher to spread out, cluster together, and switch sides if left to fly long enough.

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