Loadout is a F2P, fast-paced third person arena shooter developed and published by Edge of Reality (EoR). The game revolves greatly around its weapon customization which involves an estimated 300 million weapon combos.

Its weaponcrafting is what generally regarded as being the most unique aspect of the game; it gives players the tools and creative freedom to invent weapons that fit their individual play-style. Unlike many games in its genre, its in-game outfit customization is relatively extensive, allowing its players to set themselves apart from others.

Loadout Launch Trailer by Rooster Teeth01:17

Loadout Launch Trailer by Rooster Teeth

Loadout offers a variety of objective based game types for players to choose from, and maps on which to play them.. 

The player progression system rewards players for continuous play. The player is rewarded for playing often; weapon parts, character customizations, equipment, and accessories amongst other things can be earned/unlocked. However, in order to use the unlocked weapons, extensions and equipment, Blutes-- Loadout's currency-- must be used. You can earn Blutes in many ways, the simplest of which being completing a match.

A premium currency called SpaceBux is also avaliable for purchase of cosmetics, and cosmetics ONLY. One needs to spend money from their Steam Wallet in order to purchase SpaceBux. Nothing available to buy with 'real' money directly impacts any given character's performane, giving people without the resources to acquire SpaceBux a fair-- albeit slower-- chance.

Gameplay MechanicsEdit

Main article: Gameplay Mechanics

Loadout's gameplay is fairly standard to its genre, outside its customization and a few other features: At the beginning of every match, all players (both friend and foe) spawn very close together, as opposed to on opposite sides of a symmetrical map. During matches. players have the opportunity to acquire "Bonuses", which are extra experience points given for accomplishing certain types of kills and actions. After every match, players are rewarded with Blutes, Experience, Weapon Parts, and Clothing for their permanent use.


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