Submit your loadouts! Here's how it works:

If you've got a loadout you're proud of and totally annihilates the competition, submit it in your user blog, and add it to the categories for weapons, much like this one here .They'll be in gallery format, so be sure to include the picture and the fearsome name you've come up with, as shown in the example sections! Then post the link on the forums!

Example month Edit

Once you've got that, head to the subsection under each month and put your specs in:

Loadout specs Edit

Flakking Heal Edit

  • Stock: Standard
  • Trigger: 3-Round Burst
  • Scope: Iron Sights
  • Barrel: Improved Tri-Barrel
  • Ammunition: N/A

The other guy's submission Edit

  • Same list as above

That's it! The best six will be chosen and put onto the front page for voting. Voting will last for a week, and the winner will be showcased for the remainder of that month!

See also Past Loadout Winners.