Hopefully these will be simple to follow steps for how to run the "featured loadout" and "loadout voting" sections of the main page. We'll act as if we're starting with a brand new month (April) and go from there.

  1. Go through the submissions on the Loadout Submission page and choose the top six. Six is a good number, because the more you have, the smaller the pics have to be.
  2. Head to the front page and remove the previous month's winner. Put it into the Past Loadout Winners page as detailed on that page.
  3. Copy+paste the current month's gallery section of the Loadout Submission page onto the main page under the Featured Loadouts section. Remove those that aren't part of the six.
  4. Add |link= parameters to each of the six linking back to the specs section for each. So for the "Flakking Heal" on the submission page, you would put it into the gallery like this:

    <gallery widths=200px hideaddbutton=true>
    FlakkingHeal.jpg|Flakking Heal|link=Loadout_Submission#Flakking_Heal

    Get the link from the address bar by clicking through the table of contents - a lot easier.
  5. Once that section is finished, create a new poll as detailed on the Template:Polls page for the current month. Place the newly created poll under the Loadout Voting section on the main page.
  6. Wait for voting period to end.
  7. Once voting has ended, remove poll and replace with [[File:VotingOver.png|666px]]
  8. Remove gallery and replace with big pic of the winner's loadout. So for the example winner, it should look like this [[File:Loadout-PAX-East-2012-Hands-On-Custom-Paintjobs-570x320.jpg|666px|link=User:Pvt.Toma]]; so link to user's page, and then add link to specs in the text beneath the Featured Loadout section header.

Rinse and repeat when the next month rolls around.