The Locker is where players can locate all personal information, stats, and view their active and past contracts (which is no longer applicable). The Locker is split up into three general tabs. The summary tab, the statistic tab, and avatar tab.

The Summary TabEdit

  • The summary tab has a plethora of information in it. There is a large circle which has your current level total XP and XP needed to reach the next level.
    • When a player levels up they gain access to new items and slots.
  • This tab also shows your progress in the tech tree. Progress in this sense refers to equipment unlocked and leveled up.
  • In the third coloumn there is also a light summary of your player stats

2014-02-13 00003

Example of summary tab

The Statistics TabEdit

  • The statistics tab has a record of all of a player's stats.
    • This tab is organized under six sub catergories. In order it goes, general, weaponcrafting, Extraction, Death Snatch, Blitz, and Jackhammer.

The General TabEdit

  • The information in this tab goes as followed
  1. Kills
  2. Your Deaths
  3. Kill/Death Ratio
  4. Wins
  5. Losses
  6. Win/Loss Ratio

Weapon CraftingEdit

  • The only thing in this sub catergory is total time spent in weapon crafting

Extraction, Death Snatch, Blitz, and JackhammerEdit

  • The information in these tabs are all the same and go as followed...
  1. Total Time Played
    2014-02-13 00004

    Example of Statistic tab

  2. Score Per Minute
  3. Wins
  4. Losses
  5. Draws
  6. Win/Loss Ratio
  7. Kills
  8. Assists
  9. Your Deaths
  10. Kill/Death Ratio
  11. Multi-kills
  12. Headshots
  13. Buckwheats
  14. Heals
  15. Buffs
  • Contracts tab displays the current active and the past contracts completed by the player.


Avatars are icons that can be seen by your name in the in game lobby. They can be bought, but some require specific actions to be done to be unlocked.

2014-02-13 00005

Example of avatar tab