The payload is the type of projectile that the gun shoots. Currently, there are 5 different payloads. Every payload has its own uses. Different payloads have their own unique advantages and disadvantages and are essential in some form, to teamwork. To read more about each payload, click on them.

Payload Advantages and special effects Disadvantages Image
SlugSlug Does the most damage upfront of all the offensive payloads. It can be likened as a default payload which shoots normal ammunition. Has no special effect associated with it.

A slug explosion.

TeslaTesla Deals arcing damage to nearby enemies, even if it doesn't actually hit an enemy.

Deals significantly greater damage to electric equipment such as Shields, Deployable Shields and Turret Buddys.

Does slightly less damage than the slug payload.

Can cause damage to the user if he/she standswithin in the area to which the shots can arc.

2014-02-10 00013

An example of tesla's ability to arc.

PyroPyro Causes damage over time to hit enemies by setting them on fire. Fire can also spread from one player to another. It also increases all damage towards the person on fire by 10%. Deals damage over time, meaning that it will take longer to kill your opponent.

If you are on fire, your beam weapons will overheat faster.

Flames can be doused with continuous rolling.


A pyro explosion* (results may vary)

HealthHealth Can be used to heal players on the same team as the user (including the user himself combined with launchers or pulse weapons with bouncy or rebounding) Unlocked via the Tech Tree. Non-damage payload. Self-healing is considerably weak.

A health explosion.

The JuiceThe Juice Can be used to buff players on the same team as the user (including themself), granting them faster movement speed as well as higher jumps. Non-damage payload. Self-buffing is considerably weak.

A juice explosion.

Cryo (unreleased) Cryo has yet to be fully evaluated in terms of advantages and disadvantages by the devs. It is known that Cryo will allow the player to create structures and alter terrain. It may also be able to extinguish friendlies on fire. Cryo has yet to be fully evaluated in terms of advantages and disadvantages by the devs. Cryo will most likely be a none damage payload.

May or may not form ice structures. TBA