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Pulse is a type of Chassis in Loadout. It fires spherical projectiles with appearances based on the chosen Payload. (Spiked balls for Slug, blue energy spheres for Tesla, fireballs for Pyro, syringes for both Health and Juice.

It offers higher per-shot damage than rifles at the cost of (usually although not always) lower fire rates.

When a players first starts, a standard Pulse assault rifle is one of the four available weapons.
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Stock Pulse gun


Damage 8.70 Range 125.00
Rate of Fire 8.33 Hip Acc. 68.11%
Reload Time 1.60s Aim Acc. 93.20
Clip Size 50 Stability



Stock Standard Dampening Aluminum Shock-Absorbing Compact
Scope Iron Sights Recon Scope Optical Zoom Laser-Guidance System Bio-Scanner Long-Range Scope X-Ray
Barrel Assault Light Assault Gatling Scatter Wide Scatter Narrow Scatter Silencer Sniper Headhunter
Trigger Full Auto Semi-Auto 2-Round Burst 3-Round Burst Spooling Charged
Magazine Standard High Capacity Shell Loading Bolt Action
Payload Slug Tesla Health Pyro The Juice
Dynamics Standard Bouncy Skipping Corkscrew Slow Pulse