Recon Scope

Recon Scope

The Recon Scope is a type of scope in Loadout. It has a zoom level of 1.5x and is the second least magnifying scope, after the Iron SightsIron Sights , Laser-Guidance SystemLaser-Guidance System and Remote ControlRemote Control , all of which have the same zoom level.


To be tested.


  • Recon ScopeRecon Scope affects the range of Turret Buddies. (Range scales with zoom level.)
  • The Recon Scope is best used with a gun with either relatively low rate of fire or high stability, as a high rate of fire without sufficient dampening will make aiming with this scope significantly more difficult than with the Iron Sights. 3-Round Burst3-Round Burst and 2-Round Burst2-Round Burst triggers also work well in conjunction with this scope.

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