Remote Control

Remote Control

The Remote Control is a type of scope in Loadout, exclusive to the LauncherLauncher chassis. It allows the player to remotely control the projectile and pilot it to the desired destination.


  • The rocket is controlled by the mouse.
  • If Manualmanual detonation is used, the player is able to left-click and detonate it midair.
  • The aim key (Mouse 2 by default) can be pressed in order to exit out of the control view.


To be tested.


  • Because the projectile is controlled, it is capable of hitting targets behind cover at long range. Probably the most useful feature of this scope is its ability to hit targets that are behind cover, as well as to hit moving targets at long ranges. Another way to use this scope is to use it in conjunction with ClusterCluster explosives and ManualManual detonation, steer it above a group of enemies and detonate it, dropping numerous projectiles on their heads..
  • It can only control 1 projectile at a time. But if the player use a 2-Round Burst2-Round Burst3-Round Burst3-Round Burst or SalvoSalvo trigger, only the vision of the first rocket is granted while the rest will follow the first.
  • If used with LobbedLobbed, MortarMortar or ScuttleScuttle propulsion, the rocket only follows commands steering it left and right, as its vertical trajectory can't be controlled.
  • One should fire a gun using this scope from a safe location, as directing the rocket makes the player extremely vulnerable to attacks due to the lack of view.
  • Remote Controlled missiles are very useful for chasing down hammer thieves in Jackhammer games, as normally they're impossible to catch up to. However, the hammer isn't automatically returned when the thief is killed with a rocket, and a friendly will still have to go pick it up.