Rifles are a type of Chassis in Loadout, when you first start in Loadout you will be given a rifle to use, it is basic design but still arguably one of the best weapons in the game. The damage per shot of a rifle is the lowest out of all the Chassis


Rifle Icon


Default Rifle

Stock Rifle statsEdit


7.23 Range 125.00
Rate of Fire 11.76 Hip Acc 36.83%
Reload Time 1.60s Aim Acc. 80.78%
Clip Size 50 Stability 42.26%


Stock Standard Dampening Aluminum Shock-Absorbing Compact
Scope Iron Sights Recon Scope Optical Zoom Bio-Scanner Long- Range Scope X-Ray
Barrel Assault Light Assault Sniper Head-Hunter Scatter Wide Scatter Narrow Scatter Silencer Gatling
Trigger Full Auto Semi-Automatic 2-Round Burst 3-Round Burst Spooling
Magazine Standard Shell Loading High Capacity Bolt Action
Payload Slug Tesla Health Pyro

The Juice


The rifle is the best healing weapon in the game for both self-healing and healing others. Its a great mid-range weapon that is reliable. The rifle chassis is extremely useful and the sniper/head hunter barrel can make one of the strongest weapons in the game. This weapon lacks any physics that pulse or launchers have (such as bounce) but the bullets are mucher quicker and more reliable.

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