Rocket Propulsion

In-game description: Standard rocket propulsion. Projectiles travel foward in a straight line, leaving behind smoke trails.

The Rocket Propulsion is the default propulsion for Launchers. The projectile travels in a straight line, unaffected by range or altitude as it travels. This makes the Standard Propulsion good for direct hits. It offers an effective way to kill enemies, however, if you miss the enemy and fail to cause blast damage, then the projectile will continue its path and go off the map.

Comparison to related Propulsion
Propulsion Difference
CorkscrewCorkscrew Damage: +1.08
LobbedLobbed None

Tiers Upgrade
Tier 2 +0.45% Strength

+4.50% Projectile Speed

Tier 3 +0.75% Strength

+7.50% Projectile Speed