Shooting gallery

Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery is a small map that is used for gun testing. In the Weaponcrafting page, choosing to test a specific gun will spawn you on the map. Returning to weaponcrafting to test another gun will return you to your previous position. You are spawned with full health, the gun you are testing, and the Equipment Item and outfit that you last used.


Inside the shooting gallery you have access to 4 bots that stay in the same position, occasionally taunting; they are paired up to test the damage at range of your weapon. There are also 2 moving targets running in straight lines; one of them being on the ground and the other on a bridge. The enemies respawn shortly after being killed. If you are using a heal or juice gun, the bots act as your allies instead. In the map there are also ramps, 2 caravan type vehicles, 3 Health Packs, and 2 Equipment Packs.


If you shoot the weapons shop caravan, it will change the music that is playing in the background.

Loadout Easter Egg (Instructions in the description)

Loadout Easter Egg (Instructions in the description)