Slug is the normal/default payload in Loadout. It deals the most damage upfront and is used to inflict major damage to the opponent. Since it has no special effects, it can be likened to a typical bullet type when compared to other shooters. It is the first and default payload and does not require unlocking from the Tech Tree.

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Stats are accurate to 30/06/2014

  • All damage is done upfront.
  • Damage done can be healed by any source of healing (see HealthHealth).


The slug payload is recommended for any game mode. Due to its simplicity and to the fact that it deals the most upfront damage, it is recommended for many weapons. Among them are sniper rifles, as the main point of sniper rifles is to inflict quick damage upfront.

Slug weapons tend to be the most viable competitively, due to their lower time-to-kill compared to tesla or pyro variants.