Spawn PointEdit

The Spawn Point is an in game item that allows for the player to spawn on a pre determined point. The player can purchase this item in the Tech Tree and equip it in the item slot.
2014-02-11 00005

An enemy spawn point(what your spawn point will look like to the enemy.)

2014-02-10 00001

A friendly spawn point.


  1. The item is a tactial item. While not directly offensive like grenades, or directly passive like shields, it can be used either way
    • This item allows for an unlimited number of spawns. When playing Blitz or Jackhammer its good to leave this item hidden near the objective. (to be completely honest most people don't seem to realize what they are, since they are hardly used. Most people casually ignore them. Its more common for them to be destroyed by a bouncing projectile or by a large explosion radius, than by one player directly attacking it.
  • When playing jackhammer, a useful strategy is to place the spawn point somewhere near the enemy base. When they steal your hammer, you die and allow yourself to spawn by their hammer. If you have an X-ray sight you can casually wait for them to arrive with your hammer (while watching through the walls to see how they are approaching and with how many). When they get a close enough distance you can pick up the enemy hammer and smash down on them. Its a good tactic to catch people by surprise, and recapture your hammer. All the jack hammer maps feature an enclosure with 3 walls that would make you hidden to the opposing players.
  • This item allows for a definitive spawn, which is arguably better than a random spawn. In modes like death snatch that arent technically objective based, the spawn point can be used in a high area or anywhere that may allow you an advantage when spawning.


  • This can be destroyed by the player and other enemies.
  • This item cannot be stacked (it cannot be placed in a certain distance of another spawn check.)
  • When the player spawns, a very bright flash of lightning occurs. It is extremely noticable to any nearby players, and may give your spawn point away.