Tesla is the electric payload of Loadout. It takes the form of electric charge which arcs between enemies in its proximity, even if no enemy is hit by the actual projectile. Additionally, it deals bonus damage to ShieldShields, Turret Buddy and Deployable Shields(X2 damage modifier). It is a powerful tool for area denial and becomes even more versatile when combined with the LauncherLauncher chassis.


Tesla on average does around 15% less damage than slug. The lowered damage is most noteable on rockets.


  • When used on a StickySticky LauncherLauncher, the projectiles that are attached to the enemy drain their health slowly until the projectile is destroyed after a few seconds. This effect also extends to the Scuttle and Super-Scuttle propulsion projectiles, creating mobile ground-crawling shock projectiles.
    • The player can wait for the projectiles to damage the enemy before detonating increasing the chances of a kill.
    • Even though tesla will lower the DPS of most weapons by 10-15% compared to slug, shotguns and snipers only recieve around 5-6% damage nerf when using the tesla payload. (Ex. Slug Sniper doing 57 damage, and Tesla Sniper doing 54.)


  • It is believed that the widely used name "Tesla" comes from the electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla.