Turret Buddy

Turret Buddy

The Turret Buddy is an equipment (like Grenades or the Personal Shield) in Loadout. When used, it deploys a turret on the ground which can either fire at enemies or heal teammates. It replicates the weapon you have in hand at the moment of the turret's deployment.


As of version 4.0, the turret has the following stats:

  • 150 HP
    2013-03-18 00005

    A sentry being placed. (Credits to insomniaplaysgames)

  • 3/4 damage scale from base weapon damage
  • Max sensor range of 150 feet, 100 for launchers
  • 1/2 second delay between targeting an enemy and firing
  • Instantly destroyed by melee attacks
  • Takes twice the damage from Tesla weapons


When placing turret, hold down the equipment button (by default 'c') and release it to deploy the turret. The 2 lines on the left and on the right respectively are the field of view of the Turret and represent the area in which it can shoot.


  • Only one turret can be deployed at any given time per player. Any living turrets the player has placed will be destroyed instantly upon a

    Turret Buddy healing beam demonstration.

    new turret's placement.
  • Multiple turrets cannot be placed close to each other.
  • The Turret Buddy is weak to melee attacks, including your own. Be careful when in close combat around your turret.
  • The range of the turret depends on the barrel and scope used.


Loadout Turret Buddy03:33

Loadout Turret Buddy


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