Here there will be an organized version of the updates posted on the loadout and steam site

8/30/2012, Build v.01.2, Hotfix 2Edit

'New Features/Changes'

  • Fissure Night added to play list.
  • Brewery added to play list.
  • All Game types have been consolidated to the “All” play list.
  • Charged trigger has been adjusted for balance.

'Fixes - General'

  • Fixed major problems with network connection during gameplay.
  • Addressed network server drop issue.
  • General network stability fixes.
  • Fixed an issue with missing DirectX DLL in game installer.
  • Character models no longer display incorrectly after pressing Alt+Tab.


  • Health pack collision fixed on Fath.
  • Control point locations fixed on Fath for Blitz.
  • Player spawning logic fixed on Fissure Night.
  • Control point locations adjusted for balance on Fissure.

'Known Issues'

  • Player may encounter an “Invalid Steam Ticket” message when attempting to create a new UberNet account using our in game menu. Restart the game to address this issue. In rare circumstances, multiple restarts may be required.
  • Software download from Steam may result in a corrupted build. Restart the download to address this issue.
  • Weapon name resets after a dying in the Shooting Gallery.
  • Camera wobbles momentarily, when making contacting with some objects on map.
  • Player spawns underneath map on Fath at start of game.

' August 29, 2012 - Hotfix 1'

  • Fixed game crash on start-up due to OS region setting being set to non-US.
  • Fixed bugs with damage indicator and sound effects.
  • Changed death camera.

'August 30, 2012 - Hotfix 2'

  • Fixed crash when the player would enter a Lobby then leave to enter Weaponcrafting.
  • Fixed crash related to computers using ATI 3000 series graphics cards.

9/07/2012, Build v.02.1, Hotfix 1Edit

New Features/Changes

  • Player counts currently playing per playlist and per region are now shown on the Fight Menu.
  • The Launcher and Multi-Launcher have been merged into one chassis.


  • General network stability improvements.
  • Changes to camera upon death (still in progress).
  • Zoom scope now correctly incorporates accuracy and recoil, and will no longer give an artificially high accuracy boost for high rate fire weapons.
  • Fix for ATI 2000 and 3000 series cards.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Fixed bugs with damage and grenade indicators pointing in the wrong direction.


  • Replaced guided missile launcher in default loadouts with Pyro Beam.
  • Increased the beam length of travel for Beam Chassis.
  • Corrected low damage output when using Spool Trigger on Beam Chassis.
  • Remote control scope steering tuned for balance.
  • Proximity detonator explosion speed now explodes quicker when triggered.
  • Reduced the angle of spread for Salvo rockets.
  • Slight reduction to the rate of fire on Pulse chassis.
  • Slight reduction to damage output and rate of fire on Gatling Barrel.
  • More points awarded for Heals, Assists, Game Objectives and general support gameplay.


  • Master Audio and Volume settings added under Options.

Known Issues

  • Player can escape the boundary of the map on FATH 705.
  • Player spawns underneath maps on start of game.
  • Weapon name resets after dying in the Shooting Gallery.

September 7, 2012 - Hotfix 1 Added better error messaging for when a player attempted to create an account using a name that was already taken

9/12/2012, Build v.03Edit

New Features/Changes

  • Players are no longer able to overheal themselves.
  • Added missile “whistle” audio to non-guided missiles.
  • Healing from guns now gets applied over time, to prevent exploit where healing makes you invulnerable.
  • Players are no longer able to shoot while performing a dive roll.


  • Fixed level collision bugs.
  • Fixed several player spawn points on Brewery where players spawn underground.
  • Fixed missile audio bug during matches.
  • Fixed bug that made guided missiles too maneuverable.


  • General weapon tuning (still in progress).
  • Adjusted visual effects in the environment.
  • Gatling barrel no longer boosts clip size.
  • Tuned Blutonium spawn frequency on FATH.
  • Reduced the amount that slug flak splatters gibs across levels.
  • Temporarily removed Beer Can Shell for performance reasons.


  • Improved the scoring event system in the HUD.


  • Improvements to UI audio.

Known Issues

  • While waiting for a match to start, if you are alone in the Lobby for more than a minute, please leave the Lobby and attempt to find another game. We are currently working on some Matchmaking issues.

9/20/2012, Build v.04.1, Hotfix 1Edit

New Features

  • New bullet tracers added to improve awareness.
  • Added placeholder newsfeed to our main menu.
  • Added additional video modes in the options screen.


  • Fixed exploit where player can fly with the Hammer.
  • Fixed exploit where player can fly with Blutonium.
  • Fixed incoming whistle sound on rockets.
  • Fixed players appearing invisible when dive rolling repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue causing the hammer carrier to ‘teleport’ while holding the Hammer.
  • General bug fixes to make players ‘teleport’ less.
  • Fixed several issues with damage feedback when a player is being damaged by beams or bullets.
  • Tracers no longer cut through walls.


  • Carried Blutonium now requires more area of effect damage before exploding.
  • Tuned difficulty to headshot opponents.
  • Charged Trigger will now auto-fire once it is fully charged.
  • Changes to mouse control for guided missiles – still a work in progress.
  • General improvements to death camera.


  • ‘Debug-Just Go!’ option removed from matchmaking, in order to give other players a chance to vote on map & game mode.

Known Issues

  • Both teams can spawn on the same point at the beginning of a match.
  • Grenade indicators are persisting in the world after the grenade has exploded.
  • The "incoming" missile sound effect can sometimes get stuck in the world.

September 20, 2012 - Hotfix 1
Major update - We've introduced a new matchmaking feature! Now players waiting in an empty Lobby will be pulled into an existing game when a spot becomes available. Let us know if you see any weird behavior with matchmaking.

  • Recalibrated magazine damage amounts to increase the distinction between the different magazines.
  • Reduced the heal over time rate to better match the new rate of damage.
  • Balanced beam damage.

October 2, 2012 - Build v.06Edit

New Features/Changes

  • In-game News widget improved.
  • Improved mouse controls for guided missile.

Gameplay Changes

  • Beams, rocket impacts and blood impact effects reworked for better player visibility.
  • Improved Healing Grenades visual effects.
  • Adjusted scoring in Extraction.
  • Adjusted scoring for healing and buffing teammates.
  • More accurate radar behavior for enemies on the radar widget.


  • Fixed a bug where player would get an infinite loading screen when loading a match.
  • Fixed warping bugs that could occur with respawns, including dying right after a respawn.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • When submitting an F7 report, please leave your client running for at least one minute to allow the upload to complete.
  • Concrete displaying improper decals when fired upon.
  • Existing users need to explicitly hit the "Reset to Defaults" button in the audio settings to get the new default audio settings.
  • Some AV software flags Loadout as a virus. This is a false positive.
  • Hammer carriers performing a 'Hammer Smash' may sometimes appear out of range of the player being smashed.

October 10, 2012 - Build v.07Edit

New Features/Changes

  • Added Friend's List (Join a friend in progress)
  • Added 4th and 5th weapon slots to the Loadout Editor, and tied them to levels 10 and 15, respectively.
  • Enabled "Low," "Medium," and "High" settings in the graphics options.

Gameplay Changes

  • Slight tuning to sniper barrels and magazines.
  • Reduced the overall healing rate, and adjusted self-healing amount for balance.
  • Reduced the amount of Tesla AoE that a rocket can cause before it detonates.
  • Cluster Rockets deal less damage on a direct hit.
  • Made hammer attacks more predictable and instant kills if hits.
  • Improved visuals when jumping while holding the hammer.
  • FATH map name changed to Four Points.
  • Improvements to cameras after death.
  • Improvements to Murder Cam.


  • Fixed collision detection on damaging deployable traps.
  • Fixed collision with damaging sticky mines.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • Some AV software flags Loadout as a virus. This is a false positive.
  • When submitting an F7 report, please leave your client running for at least one minute to allow the upload to complete.
  • If a player from your Friend's List joins a new game as you join their previous game, you will be placed in their previous match.
  • Player gibs may fall through the map on Brewery.
  • Consumable Equipment pieces appear replenished without collecting ammo crates.
  • Player hair appears "blue" from shield, even after shield disappears.

October 10, 2012 -- Hotfix 1

  • Fixed issue where countdown timer would restart during a match in progress.

October 15, 2012 - Build v.08Edit

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced the damage on multi-barrel launchers
  • Minor reduction to shield’s health


  • Fixed where the player hair appears "blue" from shield, even after shield disappears
  • Fixed a bug where the drill was not showing in Fissure Night

Known Issues

  • Creating a new gun, clicking Save As and assigning it to a Loadout doesn't save the name and can cause the slot to be blank (the weapon is named "No Name")
  • Having more than 40 weapons will cause all the weapons after 40 to not correctly be assigned to a Loadout or work in game (instead you will have default weapons)

October 22, 2012 - Build v.09Edit

'Gameplay Changes'

  • Slight increases to the OTS accuracy and damage of the Gatling Barrel.
  • Reduced grenade and deployable counts to 2 instead of 3.
  • Reduced timer on jump boots cooldown.
  • Slight reduction to shields health and cooldown delay.
  • Slight buff to Turret Buddy's health and damage.
  • Reduced the damage bonus on semi-auto trigger.
  • Charged pulses now charge faster.
  • Slight damage buff to Pulse.
  • Improvement to high capacity magazine's damage.
  • Increasing heat capacity for beams and slightly reducing the time it takes before they start cooling.
  • Made rocket propulsions slower across the board.
  • Improved reload time on multi-barrel rockets.

'Known Issues'

  • Grenade inventory does not properly update to show you how many grenades you have.

10/31/2012 Build Notes v.10Edit

New Features/Changes

  • Complete player save data wipe (progression, weapons, items, user settings).
  • Borrowing and purchasing is now active.
  • Changed the default weapons to: Assault Rifle, Tesla Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and Healing Pulse.
  • Xbox controller sensitivity can be set in the options menu.
  • T-Bone can be assigned in Character Customization as a playable character.
  • New taunts can be assigned in Character Customization.
  • Axl's looking a little scarier.

Gameplay Changes

  • Slight improvement to shell loading magazine.
  • Slight reduction to Full-Auto Trigger damage.
  • Death cam shows shooter character's red outline if he is hidden behind walls.
  • In some maps, players now spawn in a circle facing each other.


  • Fixed a bug where fire was not stacking properly.
  • Fixed login retry to work correctly.
  • Fixed cases where you could die a 2nd time right after respawning without being fired upon.
  • Fixed repeated jumping with the Hammer that could result in flying.
  • Fixed the "Save As" weapon naming bug.
  • Fixed the cursor so that it always uses the arrow cursor and not the hourglass cursor.
  • Fixed item pick-up message to properly show the currently mapped button/key.

Known Issues

  • When a player late joins while another player is holding the Hammer, late joined players cannot see the Hammer.

11/06/2012 Build Notes v.11Edit

New Features/Changes

  • White room map Trailer Park now playable.
  • Alpha map Shattered now playable.
  • Alpha map Drill Cavern now playable.

Gameplay Changes

  • Swapped out the Sniper Rifle with the Grenade Launcher in default loadouts.


  • General fixes to improve game stability.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Shield to appear in the incorrect state to players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect amount of damage to be absorbed by Shield.

Known Issues

  • Some characters will continue to be outfitted with the Halloween Axl.
  • Weapons will occasionally shoot after a player has died.
  • Players may disconnect from a game server.
  • When a player late joins while another player is holding the Hammer, late joined players cannot see the Hammer.

11/13/2012 Build Notes v.12Edit

New Features/Changes

  • Players can now see different custom outfits on each of their characters after joining a new match.
  • Changed hit detection to be more accurate to the player models.
  • Friend's list now provides more in-depth descriptions of other friends in-game actions.

Gameplay Changes

  • The player can no longer throw grenades while using a scope.
  • The player cannot use deployed equipment while aiming down sights.
  • The deployable spawn point will remember player orientation.
  • Nametags fade more quickly when enemies go behind cover.
  • Added damage multiplier to The Juice Payload and reduced the reload boost.
  • New level choices in the lobby now will display different game types from the one previously played.
  • Grenade's trajectories are consistent across all players.
  • Fake health pickups have a short delay before they can be shot after being immediately deployed.
  • Super slow-mo guided missile doesn't turn as fast now.


  • Fixed a bug to now display flag jump animations correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where running diagonal would accelerate jump speed.

Known Issues

  • Dying while using Disguise Equipment will cause everyone to disconnect from the server.
  • Weapons will occasionally shoot after a player has died.
  • Players may disconnect from a game server.

11/20/2012 Build Notes v.13.1, Hotfix 1Edit

New Features/ChangesEdit

  • Added a new Teabag taunt to Character Customization.
  • Hit detection for beams and bullets has been adjusted.
  • Pre-match countdown, has everyone facing each other. You can taunt during this time period and spin the camera around your player.
  • Removed randomly generated custom outfits at the beginning of each match.

Gameplay Changes

  • Health packs now heal over time instead of instantly.
  • Slight buff to full-auto beams.
  • Reduced the damage output when pairing Full-Auto Trigger with Scatter Barrels.
  • Added a deployment restriction radius for equipment of the same type.
  • Tuned Faux-Health and Faux-Ammo pickups to trigger earlier and more consistently.
  • Increased pickup radius for blutonium vials in the gametype Death Snatch.
  • Tweaked player spawning logic for the gametype Blitz.
  • Randomly selected levels in the matchmaker now offer better variety.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to perform a super jump by running at a 45 degree angle.
  • Fixed issues related to player popping during jump and dive-rolls.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • Score ticker does not accurately update Hammer Smash kills when scoring the Hammer. Tabbing to see the score fixes this issue.
  • Teabag and Thrusting My Gun taunts have no music audio to accompany taunts.
  • If a character respawns while their corpse in near a proximity mine, their respawning body will set of.

November 28th, 2012 Build Notes v.13, Hotfix 1
After today's hotfix, if you experience any of the Delay/Extreme Lag cases, please make sure to report your issues immediately via F7 bug reporting. Players experiencing these issues while playing Loadout, may be dropped from their current match and presented with an error message.

  • Fixed delay issues related to late kills, late deaths, extended kill cam experiences.
  • Any player dropped from a match due to performance or latency related issues will be presented with an error message.

12/3/2012 Build NotesEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Player progression has been modified to earn parts and levels at a faster rate.
  • Starting weapons Healing Pulse and Tesla Shotgun have been removed.
  • Players now have access to 3 Blueprinted weapons in WeaponCrafting.
  • Starting Loadouts Slots 2 & 3 are now locked, and must be unlocked to use.

Gameplay Changes

  • Players earn experience at a faster rate.
  • Loadout Slot 2 is now unlocked at Level 1.
  • Loadout Slot 3 is now unlocked at Level 5.
  • Loadout Slot 5 is now unlocked at Level 20.
  • Players now start with more weapon parts.


  • Fixed a startup crash when running Windows XP.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • Score ticker does not accurately update Hammer Smash kills when scoring the Hammer. (Tabbing to see the score fixes this issue)
  • two of the three blueprints you will be unable to click "save," and must click "Save As" for your weapon.
  • Teabag and Thrusting My Gun taunt have no music audio to accompany taunt.
  • If a character respawns while their corpse is near proximity mines, their respawning body will set off the mines.

12/12/2012 Build Notes v.15Edit

New Features/Changes

  • You can now buy SpaceBux in Loadout using real-world currency.
  • Full character customization has been enabled.
  • For now, character parts you equip will only show up on your character, and you can only have one outfit for all of your loadouts. This is only temporary and will be fixed very soon.
  • Character parts and taunts are now purchasable with SpaceBux
  • The UI for purchasing SpaceBux with real money is now active and will pop up if you attempt to purchase an item in which you lack the funds to buy.


  • Fixed crash while using jump boots and carrying the flag.
  • Numerous camera fixes upon death
  • Fixed bug where jumping enemies would fall through the floor when lag was bad.
  • You can now taunt during the pre-match countdown.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues / Important Notices:

  • We have temporarily disabled the “Randomize” button in Character Customization to improve performance.
  • If a character respawns while their corpse is near proximity mines, their respawning body will set off the mines.
  • Users will have to manually EQUIP an outfit after they have purchased it.
  • Any SpaceBux purchases you make in Loadout (with real-world currency) at this stage in the beta will be credited to your player account once the game is officially launched.

12/14/2012 Build Notes v .15.2*(Hotfix)Edit

'New Features/Changes'

  • Changed the starting inventory from 5 Gun Kits to 1 of each weapon part.
  • Increased the frequency and amount of SpaceBux awarded after a match.
  • Reduced the cost of existing weapon parts.
  • Your SpaceBux accounts will be brought back up to 10,000.

'*(UPDATED) Fixes'

  • Fixed numerous CRASH issues to improve stability.
  • Fixed an issue where guns would expire or become blueprints after purchasing new parts, exiting the game, and then entering the game.
  • Fixed an issue in the checkout UI where incorrect parts could be listed
  • Fixed a problem where the UI would lock up after you purchased a weapon part causing you to have to restart the game.
  • Fixed crash while using jump boots and carrying the flag.
  • Numerous camera fixes upon death
  • Fixed bug where jumping enemies would fall through the floor when lag was bad.
  • You can now taunt during the pre-match countdown.
  • - General stability fixes.

1/9/2013 Build Notes v.16.2 HotfixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Character Customization is now shown on all players while in-game.
  • The front end UI now features a “Character Customization” as a selectable option on the menus.
  • New Post Game player progression UI.
  • Cosmetic changes to all multiplayer levels.

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced the spread angle for Scatter barrels.
  • Increased reload times on Agile and Super-Slow propulsion launchers.
  • Made bullet collision more generous.
  • Slightly increased burst-fire rates for rifles..
  • Increased damage at close range for Assault and Gatling barrels.


  • Tesla grenade damage radius now matches appearance.
  • Tesla grenades arc towards enemy players.
  • Fixes to player package concerning movement and reflection behavior.
  • Gibs now have weapon collision.
  • Fixed high pitch audio loop caused by Spooling trigger weapons.
  • Fixed continuous audio loop after a player dies while firing a Pulse or Beam weapon.
  • Fixed excessive audio “hum” when playing in specific levels.

Known Issues

  • Users currently in a Lobby are incorrectly displayed or may not show up (Encourage users to “Ready” up to display correct number of players).
  • Small hitches can still occur as users late-join.
  • Player’s reflections can still “fly” into the air (this has been greatly reduced).
  • Spacebux awards on the Prize Wheel in the post-game screen are covered by Spacebux graphics.
  • Users will have to manually EQUIP an outfit after they have purchased it.

Hotfix v.16.1

  • Skyboxes have been restored for all levels.

Hotfix v.16.2
We've released a quick hotfix today to improve the stability of our Crash reporter. There have been no gameplay changes with this update!

  • Improved stability of our in-game, crashed reporting tool

1/22/2013 Build Notes v.17Edit

New Features/Changes

  • The Main Menu has been redesigned.
  • New Matchmaking Lobby functionality (Lobby Weaponcrafting, Lobby Loadout editing & Lobby Barracks viewing).
  • Audio settings have been reset.
  • Reverting Brewery back to all white textures.
  • Chat log has been added.

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced explosion radius for all grenade types.
  • Increased health for turrets.
  • Reduced melee damage and made it consistent, when attacking opponents from the front and back.


  • Improved network connection stability, especially for sessions that last multiple matches.
  • Additional graphics performance optimizations.
  • Fixed matchmaking lobby incorrectly displaying user names for players that remain after a match has ended.
  • Fixed the default aspect ratio for full screen.
  • Fixes to Death camera jerking to player.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • Small hitches can still occur as users late-join.
  • Spacebux awards on the Prize Wheel in the post-game screen are covered by Spacebux graphics.
  • Equipment will show as still having a padlock icon, even if it is unlocked and available.

1/29/2013 Build Notes v.18.1 Hot FixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • The layout for the map Shattered has been altered and a new design on the Drill is in place.
  • Slight map revisions to Trailer Park.
  • Added new character customization items.
  • Player Progression unlocks, including Equipment have been adjusted.

Gameplay Changes

  • Retuned accuracy of all weapons to behave more consiststently.


  • Fixed flash of the level when exiting WeaponCrafting.
  • Fixed an issue where Proximity detonation was occurring before the proximity radius was met.
  • Fixed connectivity issues causing disconnects in match.
  • Fixed connection issues at the lobby screen.

Known Issues

  • Small hitches can still occur as users late-join.
  • Spacebux awards on the Prize Wheel in the post-game screen are covered by Spacebux graphics.
  • Equipment locked in list unlocks lower than level of the player (corrects after playing one match).

*Hot Fix 18.1

  • Fixed an issue to help decrease a player's chances of being kicked from the game.
  • Fixed player rewards for level 30 and above.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a “Random” map in the matchmaking lobby, after a previous game, would result in the exact same map being selected again. This should now happen much LESS frequently.

2/06/2013 Build Notes v.19.2 Hot FixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Brewery is now textured.
  • Main Menu auto-hiding menu bar is now persistent across-all-screens topbar.
  • Usernames are now tied to your Uber Account name instead of Steam name.

Gameplay Changes

  • Swapped out UV Laser Guidance with Laser-Guidance [read more].
  • Removed option to flip X-axis and replaced with "Enable toggle OTS" (enables toggle of aim mode, instead of holding the button).


  • Major performance optimizations for Low Mode.
  • Windows 8 sound issues should now be resolved.
  • General stability fixes.

Known Issues

  • Small hitches can still occur as users late-join.
  • Spacebux awards on the Prize Wheel in the post-game screen are covered by Spacebux graphics.
  • Equipment locked in list unlocks lower than level of the player (corrects after playing one match).
  • Audio crackling may still occur with XP users.
  • Beam rifle weapons may need rebuilt if they are in your arsenals.

Hot Fix 19.1

  • Game will now write out player's weapon parts to a text file.

2/27/2013 Build Notes v.20.2 Hot FixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Players saved data has been reset.
  • New map Shipping Yard added to matchmaking rotation
  • WeaponCrafting now has Weapon Tiers.
  • New matchmaking and lobby UI.
  • Locker has been redesigned.
  • Contract system is now live - displayed in the Pause Menu and in the Locker.
  • Players can now rotate camera around their character while performing a taunt.
  • The profanity filter can now be enabled in the Options menu.
  • Happy Hour is temporarily disabled.

Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted navigation flow when selecting the “Fight” option from the Main Menu.
  • Adjusted UI flow in the Outfitter and WeaponCrafting.
  • Updated matchmaking image art for Brewery.
  • Redesigned the in-game “pause” menu.
  • Adjusted audio spatialization to help improve situational awareness.
  • Updated some icons for character customization.
  • Bots in shooting gallery no longer dodge.
  • Players will respawn within 30 seconds after their death.
  • Players running off of a ledge while carrying a flag or Blutonium now go into a falling state and cannot jump.
  • The old level and gametype should not be selectable in the next round of voting.
  • Increased falling time threshold from .25 seconds to 1.25 seconds (slightly enables airwalking).
  • In Jackhammer the Hammer now has an ammo count of 5.
  • Hammer/Extraction Carriers are no longer permanently shown on the map, their location is now updated every 5 seconds.
  • Clothing icons in the player inventory and on the wheel now reflect the category of item.
  • WeaponCrafting now shows numerical values for stats.
  • The chassis can no longer be changed after you build a weapon for the first time.
  • Added mousover tooltips to provide more details for weapon parts (weapon part name, description, comparative stats).

Gameplay Changes – Weapons

  • Zooming in with a scope will now scale down the sensitivity so that the scopes are more usable.
  • New HUD art for looking down a scope.
  • Slightly reduced direct hit damage from rockets.
  • Single Barrel rockets take longer to reload.
  • Slightly reduced single barrel rockets’ damage and blast radius.
  • Proximity detonator rockets have a moderate reduction in blast radius, and a slight reduction to damage.
  • Slightly increased rate of fire on semi-auto and burst fire triggers.
  • Slight bump in damage to burst fire + scatter barrel combination.
  • Increased damage and reload time on high capacity magazines.
  • Slowed down lobbed propulsion’s speed to match rocket propulsion.
  • Increased laser sight turn rate.
  • All pulse weapons do slightly more damage.

Changed the starting class of the following parts:

  1. Heavy Launcher Barrel – class 3
  2. Toob Launcher Barrel – class 2
  3. Narrow Spread Barrel – class 3
  4. Wide Spread Barrel – class 2
  5. Proximity Detonator – class 2
  6. Quad Cluster – class 2
  7. Wide Cluster – class 3
  8. Agile Propulsion – class 2
  9. Super Scuttle Propulsion – class 2
  10. Super-slow Propulsion – class 3
  11. Laser sight scope – class 2
  12. Rebounding shell – class 2
  13. Compact Stock – class 2
  14. Charged Trigger – class 2

Gameplay Changes – Equipment

  • Slight reduction to the damage and blast radius for Faux health/ammo pickups.
  • Increased recharge time on shield and boosted effectiveness of tesla versus shield.
  • Increased burst healing for healing grenades.
  • Jump Boots can now be triggered from your falling state.


  • New medium quality graphics mode, with improved visual quality.
  • Fixed the wheel on the match end screen so that players can better see rewards.
  • Slight bandwidth optimization.
  • Improved network stability and server stability.
  • Improved game performance on all quality level settings.
  • Character and weapon compositing optimizations.
  • HUD optimizations for better performance.
  • Fixed a bug where you could place more than 2 deployable equipments if you refilled at an ammo crate.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow character customization icons to appear on the prize wheel.
  • Fixed a bug with missing character damage on non-local player character models.
  • Fixed floating character equipment during various death animations.

Known Issues

  • Changes to bloom effect are a work in progress, with some problems.
  • Disconnects occur while playing matches (Error 300, 401, 1007)

We're currently investigating the connection drops that are occurring during this build. We recently implemented a network fix that would disconnect players from matches if their ping reached a certain level. This appears to be affecting more players than it should. We'll be monitoring over the weekend and should have it resolved soon. In the meantime, please submit F7 reports after disconnecting from a match.
2/25/2013 Build Notes v.20.1 Hot Fix

  • Fixed an issue causing players to disconnect while playing matches.
  • Fixed an issue where syringes appeared outside of the player being healed or buffed.

2/27/2013 Build Notes v.20.2 Hot Fix

  • Fixed an issue causing Friends on the Friend's List to incorrectly display their game state status.
  • Removed a number of contracts.
  • Improved wording on some contracts for clarity.

3/5/2013 Build Notes v.21Edit

New Features/Changes

  • All game modes have a max of 15 minutes playtime (reduced from 20 minutes)
  • Blitz max score limit has been reduced from 6000 points to 4000 points.
  • Death Snatch max score limit has been reduced from 6000 points to 3500 points.
  • A new taunt has been added to the Outfitter.

Gameplay Changes

  • The only equipment items that can be used while carrying Blutonium or the Hammer are Shield, Jump Boots, and Disguise.
  • The prices for items locked by class in the Weapon Parts list now show their prices only in the tooltip.
  • Hammer Carriers in Jackhammer should ping less frequently.
  • Red outline appears around killers who melee you.
  • Improved the purchase Spacebux menu.
  • Players no longer have the ability to see friends playing an older version of the game on the Friend’s List.
  • Added an error dialog when attempting to add a friend that is already on Friend’s List.

Gameplay Changes – Weapons

  • Improved damage and lifetime on flak dispersal
  • Charged beam now heats slowly while the charge is held down. You can hold it down until heat reaches 100, at which point it auto-fires.
  • Slight reduction to how fast fire overheats beams
  • Slight bump to tesla and fire damage
  • Improved healing beams "damage"
  • Improved projectile speed and rate of fire for pulses
  • Lowered the reload time of large rockets
  • Reduced the damage penalty for high capacity magazines


  • Fixed issues with certain Contracts.
  • Fixed a transition issue when leaving WeaponCrafting to enter a match.
  • Improved the visual effects for beam weapons.
  • Fixed the flickering light rays on Brewery.
  • Improved network stability.
  • Fixed network stability issue cased by multiple players joining at the same time.
  • Fixed vertical warping caused by using Jump Boots.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Contracts to list 1 more star as a reward than there should have been.
  • Fixed a bug where the buttons on the Matchmaking Status Indicator would continue to be highlighted even after the mouse was no longer clicking or hovering over them.

Known Issues

  • Fragging bots in rapid succession in the Shooting Gallery may cause performance hitches.
  • Friend’s List may show the incorrect status of a Friend playing the game.

3/13/2013 Build Notes v.22.1 Hot FixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Enabled Happy Hour
  • Enabled Starter Packs
  • Added a new death animation for being killed from behind with a shotgun.
  • The weapon upgrade system in Weaponcrafting (Weapon Tiers) has been modified so that it is no longer necessary to enter “upgrade mode” to upgrade weapon slots. Upgrading is now done with buttons that are inline with the weapon parts list.
  • Added new art and animations to the Weapon Tiers system.

Gameplay Changes - General

  • Changed the visual behaviors of the objective indicators for flag carrier and collectors to make things a bit more clear.
  • Added sprinting enemies to the Minimap.
  • Account creation screen has new art.
  • If a rocket is stuck on you (from being 'Sticky') and you dive roll twice, it will now shake off and disappear.
  • You will now receive a warning popup for possible disconnection if running in full-screen while connected to a server and you Alt-Tab.

Gameplay Changes – Weapons

  • Improving damage and fire rate on burst-fire triggers for Launchers.
  • Improved damage on Salvo Trigger.
  • Improved rate of fire and damage slightly for 2-Round Burst.
  • Reduced damage output on Spooling Trigger for Beams.
  • Bumped up Fire and Tesla damage slightly.
  • Increased blast radius for Tesla to be closer to Slug.
  • Increased Semi-Auto rate of Fire for Pulses.
  • Increased Pulse damage slightly.
  • Slightly reduced Assault Barrel's range/damage modifier.
  • Slightly reduced Gatling Barrel's range/damage modifier.
  • Increased blast radius for Multi-Barrel Launchers.
  • Increased damage on High-Capacity Magazine, and increased reload times.
  • Moved Agile Propulsion to tier 1, and Turbo Propulsion to tier 2.
  • Reduced the cost of upgrades on most slots.
  • Added alert for user when charged weapon is about to fire.
  • Colored filters removed from optical scopes.

Gameplay Changes – Equipment

  • Improved turrets -- health is now 200, and the damage has been increased.


  • Updated the Receipt Dialogs for virtual purchases of Outfitter and Weaponcrafting Parts so that they are better styled and easier to read.
  • Updated the Matchmaking Status indicator in an attempt to draw the user's attention to join their newly ready lobby.
  • Fixed the wording of several contracts.
  • Removed “get nutshots” and “shoot players in the back of the head” contracts, since they were too random to do accurately.
  • Added a filter so that you should only get one gametype-specific contract at a time.
  • Some cases where a player would be disconnected with no message will now tell the player they have been disconnected.
  • Gun chassis are no longer items and will not appear in player inventory.
  • Fixed a direction bug with holding down shift and jumping a 2nd time in a row.
  • Throwing grenades should be a little bit more responsive.
  • You are no longer allowed to throw grenades while diving or melee’ing.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t see tracers from enemies shooting at you, usually from behind.
  • Fixed a bug where you could respawn with shield at zero, but it looked like you had full shields.
  • Fixed a minor graphics glitch in weapon crafting… multi-barrel rockets were moving a frame behind out of sync.
  • Going in and out of scope will now keep damage (visuals i.e. blown off head) on player.
  • When previewing a weapon in higher tier, its stats will now show up correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where rockets weren't properly being colored.
  • Fixed a bug where pulse weapons, when charged, were not getting bonus damage.
  • Fixed a bug where holding a gun that had a healing rocket allowed you to be killed with 1 shot.
  • Fixed UI soft-lock bugs with menu navigation.
  • Fixed a bug where a black box would sometimes appear at end of beams.

Known Issues

  • Shadows may disappear from a map during a match.
  • The Jackhammer in its base may appear to be halfway in the floor.
  • The XP Boost widget from the Starter packs will flash momentarily in the corner of the screen if the player does not have the XP Boost.
  • Red squares may appear in place of weapons in the Loadout selection screen before a match.

3/13/2013 Build Notes v.22.1 Hot Fix

  • Fixed graphical issue which would cause all of the shadows to disappear from the level.

3/19/2013 Build Notes v.23.1 HotfixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Objectives now appear in the HUD radar

Gameplay Changes

  • UI flow is changed during Fight Menu with simplified Matchmaking startup sequence.
  • The multiplier for character parts in the inventory is now hidden, since character parts are infinite use.
  • Reduced the font size for player names in the HUD


  • Fixed lobby countdown issue where audio beeps would start too soon.
  • Fixed issues where player could be forced into a match even though he/she declined the indication to join.
  • Enemies should teleport a little less while running with network lag.
  • Fixed formatting with kill spew that went to two lines.
  • Fixed missing “…” icon in the Lobby when chatting.
  • Fixed bug when Vote Screen was up during mode transitions.
  • Improve network stabilit.y
  • Remove debug text showing PeerID.
  • Improve network/gameflow consistency.
  • Fixed chat inputs to not force a respawn when hitting the spacebar.
  • Fixed bug where the weapon you used in a match didn’t show up on the front UI.
  • Fixed issue where turrets were shooting rockets but they hit the floor ahead of the player and did not reach him.
  • Fixed a bug where inventory UI would hide some item unless you used scrolled on mouse wheel.
  • Removed stalls that occur when processing a service message.
  • Fixed issues with certain Contracts not completing.

3/19/2013 Build Notes v.23.1 Hot Fix

  • Fixes to make matches reach full capacity of 8 players more reliably.

3/28/2013 Build Notes v.24.3 Hot FixEdit

New Features/Changes

  • Added new character customization pieces:
  • Camo Shirts for T-Bone and Axl
  • Black and White Suit for Axl
  • Camo pants for Axl
  • Marine Helmet and Kneepads for Axl
  • Increased SpaceBux pricing of Tier 2 and Tier 3 weapon parts.
  • Added a Field of View slider to the options menu.
  • Added a button to delete weapons in the arsenal. This option must be used with caution, as any spent upgrade points are permanently lost.

Gameplay Changes - General

  • Nerfed Melee to 3 hits and reduced warping.
  • Added better looking temp generic gun images to Arsenal
  • Increased maximum range of looking up & down.
  • Added sprint camera bob check box to options menu.
  • The melee recovery frames are reduced so you can exit out of a melee strike faster.
  • Lowered difficulty of multikill and triple kill contracts
  • Changed wording on multi-kill contract to read "quad kill"
  • Added sprint camera bob check box to options menu.
  • The Death/Respawn screen now shows the match “Welcome” widget that includes open contracts and gamemode description.
  • The Contract widgets in the HUD now display their reward (i.e. star) value.
  • Moved the “New” button in the arsenal to be inline with the weapons. Naming dialogs were also inserted to bring it into line with the outfitter.
  • Weaponcrafting list got a dark reskin.

Gameplay Changes - Weapons

  • Slowed rate of fire on burst trigger rockets slightly.
  • Added tier bonuses to some parts that had none.


  • Improvements to Server stability – reconnecting players will not be joined before their connection is ready.
  • Death Snatch vials no longer show up on the map if they fall off the world.
  • Matchmaking will not show disconnect messages while it is in normal progress.
  • Disconnection dialogue should properly show message for a specific class of connection issues.
  • Fixed a bug where the Overheal loop was stuck.
  • Fixed a bug causing character textures to display at the incorrect resolution..
  • Fixing bug where News Feed Item title was not updating immediately
  • Fixed the item reward code redemption screen for use.
  • Fixed the display of your current player level in the player progression screen
  • Fixed bug causing Burst, Full-Auto and Spooling trigger with the remote scope to fire multiple rockets at once.
  • Fixed an issue when a player disconnected due to time out, that caused them to be stuck on main menu with connection warning still up.
  • Fixed a bug where some graphics cards were making shadows appear darker on low and medium settings.
  • Fixed an issue with Fullscreen Display resolution on multi-monitor displays.


  • Selecting Region to join matchmaking is now located in the Options Menu in the "Game" tab.

Hot Fix 3/27/2013

  • Fixed the "Play" button at Fight menu. Player should now be able to click Play.
  • Fixed a bug causing some users to experience a black screen when launching the game.

Hot Fix 3/28/2013

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the server to get stuck in a perpetual "loading level" state.

4/09/13 Build Notes v.25Edit

NEW FEATURE / Changes:

  • Contract Buyouts are live. You can now spend a small amount of spacebux to buy out a contract, which will allow you to get rid of an unwanted contract and get a replacement. You can do this up to once per slot per game.
  • In your Locker screen, you can also see your past (10) completed contracts. The entry will show the date of when you completed that contract or if you bought out that contract.
  • Trailer Park is now textured.


  • The Welcome Widget HUD has improved its graphics and animations.
  • Add a cancel button to the purchasing flow. Players can now cancel purchases if Steam settings or network latency make a purchase untenable.
  • Speed up matchmaking screen by making fewer calls to get ping values.
  • Network disconnection messages will now indicate if the connection was lost entirely or just became too slow to keep up with the game. Players will be advised on steps they can take to correct the problem if possible.
  • Improved melee to give more player control during the swing and removed warping.
  • Added a “purchase required” icon to the Build/Save buttons in the Weaponcrafting/Outfitter screens. (This is effectively an extra notice that you’re about to buy something.)
  • Art improvements for the Weaponcrafting/Arsenal screens.
  • The currency counter in the lower-right corner of the screen can now be clicked on to purchase SpaceBux.
  • You cannot pick up blutoium if it is about to detonated
  • Can’t put self on fire then spread it to your teammates.
  • Added "Complete N matches" contract.
  • Added "Complete N matches for each game type" contracts.
  • Added "Spin the wheel N times" contract.
  • Contracts will now show progress on every update.
  • Reworded hammer defense force contract and Click Boom contract.
  • Reduced count needed for buckwheat contract.

Gameplay -- Weapons

  • Slight reduction to heal over time rate.
  • Reduced rifle chassis damage across the board by about 5%.
  • Made rifle chassis slightly less accurate.
  • Made gatling barrel slightly less accurate.
  • Slight reduction to accuracy and rate of fire for spooling trigger.
  • Spooling trigger takes slightly longer to spool up.
  • Reversed damage bonuses/penalties for narrow and wide scatter.
  • Slightly reduced damage bonus on bolt-action pulse magazine.
  • Increasing fire burn duration slightly, and adding back the 10% received-damage boost when you're on fire.
  • Slightly adjusted fire rate on semi-automatic trigger.
  • Charging weapons while diving and melee’ing will no longer pause. If a player releases the trigger during the roll it will fire afterwards.


  • Matchmaking flow now better handles error cases where your region was invalid.
  • Fixed issues where you were incorrectly pushed into a match, which resulted in a black screen.
  • Fix a server crash that occurs when players join the server on the frame the round starts or ends.
  • Fix a server crash due to the server detecting a bad state when a player joins. This state will still disconnect players, but their progress will now be saved.
  • Improve game stability – fix rare case where objects could spawn into the world in the wrong order causing them to be missing information.
  • Fixed some of the misaligned buttons in certain screens.
  • Fixed animation popping on turrets.
  • Ending a match with remote in remote missile, will no longer leave UI up for next screen. Sticky rockets can cast shadows.
  • Fixed tesla arcs from cluster rockets appearing from the origin of the world.

4/15/2013 Build Notes v.26.2 -- Live AgainEdit

New Features/Changes:

  • Once a match has completed, you will now see your Upgrade Points and the rewards from your completed contracts in the player progression screen.
  • Golden wheel is the first spin of the UTC day and not tied to Happy Hour.
  • Experience points are now rewarded based on performance, match completion and the winner of the match.
  • The build will now close server downs cleanly when a new build is available and inform players if they are using an old game client


  • Dive roll telegraphs you on the radar.
  • The lobby now kicks players who are editing weapons, outfits, or loadouts before deciding on teams and maps rather than afterwards.
  • Made medium and hard contracts easier to accomplish
  • Improved team balancing.

Gameplay -- Weapons

  • Made rifle bullets about 4% bigger (slightly easier to hit with)
  • Decreased spread angle of shotgun barrels by about 10%
  • Retuned super-scuttle's damage and reload amounts to be closer to Agile propulsion


  • Fixed several spawn point placements in trailer park
  • Fixed some bad health and equipment pack placements in trailer park
  • Main Menu’s news feed page arrows now correctly update to reflect the beginning/end of the page list.
  • Contracts involving completing a match will now show success at match end when appropriate.
  • Dive rolling off a ledge more than 40 feet now goes into a falling state rather than walking.
  • Better hardware and software checks are done at startup so hopefully everybody who gets a black screen or crashes on startup will now instead get a message box explaining why they cannot play Loadout.


  • Fixed bug causing crash when starting the game.

4/22/2013 Build Notes v.27.0Edit

New Features/Changes

  • Trailer Park Night added to The Core and n00b playlists
  • Heavy Metal Belt and Straps
  • Waylon Hair
  • Chest Pocket Strap
  • Don's White Sportcoat
  • Tied Half Shirt Pink / Red / Blue / Black
  • Added Happy Hours for new regions:
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • Australia


  • Increased visible radar radius from 150 to 200 feet.
  • Limited sprint & roll radar range to 100 feet (50% of radar radius). Previously, this range was infinite.
  • Added optimization to front-end menus.
  • Added a fullscreen effect when juiced.
  • Added a UI option to enable windowed full screen mode.
  • Improved UI for Friend's List.

Gameplay – WeaponCrafting

  • Reduced blast radius on healing rockets.
  • Slightly reduced tesla arc distance on rifles and beams.
  • Improved ammo capacity for beams.
  • Improved tesla strength against shields.
  • Changed wording for contract "buyout" to "dismiss."
  • Increased the duration of the Juice from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Improved the damage buff received when Juiced.
  • Reduced the reload time when juiced by 10%.
  • Reduced the difficulty on several medium and hard contracts
  • Made changes to the drop table for the Golden Wheel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed game type for Trailer Park in n00b playlist.
  • Added Huddle Spawning to Shipping Yard.
  • Fix bug where you are not given all health from a pickup.
  • Fixed full screen overheal effects to show up again.
  • Fixed bug where certain particles caused severe performance degradation.
  • Improved server stability. Fixed a bad state the server could get into where it would have to disconnect players.
  • Improved bandwidth use; messages between the server and client are now compacted together better.
  • Fixed a bug in stats that showed min damage for rifles instead of max damage

5/8/2013 Build Notes v.29Edit

New Features

  • Added Co-Op Practice mode vs. bots.
  • Added Jackhammer and Extraction to n00b Playlist.
  • Added Elite playlist for Levels 15+.
  • Added tutorials for new players, including Tip of the Day.
  • New bug reporting UI.
  • Added tutorial for spending upgrade points.
  • Added Steam Early Access support.
  • Vote Kicks have been increased from 2/3 majority to ¾ majority.

New Outfitter Cosmetic Items

  • Added Cool Glasses
  • Added SciFi Welding Goggles
  • Added Porkchops
  • Added Party Crashers T-Shirt (only for those that participated in Crash the Servers Event)
  • Added Loadout Deputy Official Tee (Forum Deputies Only have access to this t-shirt)
  • Waylon's Lobster Shirt
  • Pax 2012 Shirt for T-Bone
  • Heavy Metal Belt
  • Brown slacks
  • Heavy Metal Knee Pads


  • Changed the purchasing flow in the Weaponcrafting/Outfitter screens to show a purchase summary before buying Spacebux.
  • Added 3D Weapon and outfitter thumbnails.
  • You get disconnected from the game after 90 seconds of inactivity. You are warned after 60 seconds.
  • Added Color Blind Mode to options.
  • Removed Rental Tokens from Inventory Screen.
  • Weapon impacts should now be audible over weapon firing in most cases. This means you can hear your own machine gun bullets hitting surfaces while you fire.
  • Added sound for UI elements – Contracts and Level up.
  • During the beginning game huddle, enemies can’t turn. Everyone faces inward.
  • Moved FOV into display setting to make room.
  • Added options menu to enable/disable tutorials .
  • Shortened initial contract list to 4 by removing healing contract.
  • Clicking off of the Friends widget now closes it.

Gameplay - Weapons

  • Slightly reduced damage for manual detonator.
  • Slight increase to blast radius for proximity.
  • Removed damage penalty to bouncy and rebounding shells.
  • Reduced the timing for input buffering on semi-auto and burst triggers to 0.1 seconds (was 0.25).
  • Made some tweaks to how clusters fall when they hit players.
  • Reduced how much fire overheats beams.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of flak when paired with healing and buffing.
  • Juice reload bonus now applies to beams cooling rate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed localization bugs with long text strings.
  • Fixed typos with Spacebux.
  • Fixed bug where 3 round burst Headhunter barrel damage was stronger than 3 round burst with Sniper barrel.
  • Fixed bug that was causing shotguns damage stat to appear too high in the weaponcrafting UI.
  • Raised placement of some blitz flags in brewery.
  • Shipping Yard no longer shows up twice in the lobby’s level voting list.
  • Fixed an issue where an untimely late join would leave the user on a black screen.
  • Fix a bug that prevented you from shooting if you swapped weapons in middle of charged shot.
  • Fixed a bug to the post-match screen. Skipping should now work as intended.
  • Fixed placement areas of blutonium and collection bins in Trailer Park.
  • Improved server stability.
  • Fixed blown out dynamic lights in low and medium mode.
  • Fixed black character bug.
  • Added additional cheat detection and enforcement.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Level 6+ players to join the N00b playlist through the Friend’s list.

Known Issues

  • Hitting ESC after votes have been tallied in the lobby can cause your game to crash.
  • Some odd-ball aspect ratios scramble the 3D gun and character thumbnails. Until we get this fixed in the next hot-fix, you can work around this by selecting a different resolution.

5/31/2013 Build Notes v.30Edit

New Features

  • The end-game celebration is now enabled.
  • The new Scoreboard is now enabled.
  • The first round of Founder pack bot names are now live.

New Outfitter Cosmetic Items

  • Chaps - Axl
  • Assless Chaps with Sweet Snaps - Axl
  • Commando Harness (Black) - Axl
  • Base Belt (Brown) - Axl
  • Pitbull Pocket Strap - T-Bone


  • Happy Hour is set to 4pm across all regions.
  • Added buff meters to bots and teammates
  • Tweaked some of the starting level requirements on gametype-specific contracts.
  • Everyone now faces each other during the pre-game huddle.
  • You can now see when a stationary enemy is aiming.
  • Co-op Practice Mode XP has been reduced 25%.
  • You can no longer change teams in a co-op practice game.
  • Trailer Park has been slightly changed to improve gameplay.
  • Substantial increase to Score to XP Ratio.
  • Increased XP bonus for winning a match.
  • Changed logic for team assignment for players that join a game mid-match.
  • Made improvements to team balancing algorithm.

Gameplay - Weapon Balance

  • Reduced rate of fire on Scatter barrels
  • Increased projectile speed for Pulse shotguns.
  • Slight tweaks to Heavy and Toob Rocket Launcher barrels.
  • Small reduction to Tesla damage.
  • Beams cool about 10% faster (passive and venting).
  • Reduced damage penalty to Turbo propulsion.
  • Reduced turn rate for Laser Guidance Scope.
  • Slight damage reduction to Laser Guidance Scope.
  • Tweaked inner cone radius for Scatter barrel so it requires more accuracy to get full damage.
  • Slight decrease to the rate of fire for Spooling Trigger.
  • Recoil on the Light Assault barrel has been slightly increased.
  • Sharper damage drop-off from range on the Light Assault barrel.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the reload animation for multi-barrel launchers to use drum-reload.
  • Fixed a bug in the starting weapon parts list causing duplicates for some parts and 0 for others. Only 1 part is now distributed.
  • Fixed a bug where Silencer barrel did more damage than Assault barrel.
  • Fixed an issue with out of date Alienware drivers causing a crash on start up.
  • Fixed a bug allowing friends to join playlists they were not qualified to join.
  • Fixed an issue with Happy Hour timing being computed incorrectly.
  • Fixed scoring events not triggering for Bots.
  • Turrets placed on uneven ground can now aim properly.
  • Beams now cool when holding blutonium or the hammer.
  • Fixed a bug where jumping could pop you through a ceiling.
  • Fixed a bug where dive rolling just off a ledge would be inconsistent across the network.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the correct loadout showing up on the loadout selector screen.
  • Fixed overflowing text for Pro Tips.
  • Several Co-op practice Bot fixes including:
  • Bots don't suicide off the edge of the map.
  • Bots aim degrades with distance.
  • Bots accuracy is worse if their target is dive rolling or jumping.
  • Bots no longer shoot while dive rolling.
  • Bots now act as participants for most scoring/contract events.
  • Healing Bots now have better aim at lower difficulties.
  • Bots dive roll more often when on fire.

Known Issues

  • Selecting taunts in the Outfitter may crash clients on some PC configurations.

6/25/2013 Build Notes v.31.3 HotfixEdit

New Features

  • The scoreboard shows an alpha version of player ping time next to their name.
  • More localized texts (99% Localized text except for Turkish)

New Character Customization

  • Added the Vintage Bowling Shirt (Axl)
  • Added the Double Flip Taunt (Axl & T-Bone)
  • Added Axl’s Rod (Axl)


  • Color blind support for the scoreboard and several HUD widgets.
  • Color blind support for the CPR widget.
  • Additional tutorials.
  • Made tutorial pop-ups more noticeable.
  • Re-labeled Practice playlist to improve clarity
  • Improvements to cheat detection and security.
  • Necklace on the shuffle taunt now animates
  • Slight adjustments to Dive Roll for more responsive feel.
  • Hide tip of the day if tutorial is active.
  • Turret now only heals you if you have taken damage or not fully overhealed.

Gameplay -- Weapon Balance

  • You are now able to place turrets closer to enemy turrets.
  • Lowered the rate of fire for Pulses.
  • Reduced accuracy for Turrets that use Rifles and Pulses.
  • Added a slight damage bonus to Corkscrew and Mortar propulsions.
  • Slight damage improvement to burst-fire triggers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where you would see grenade indicators for grenades that would not damage you.
  • Fixed the HUD for salvo triggers so it properly centers around the reticule.
  • Added thumbnail for Four Points in Bot playlist.
  • All damage taken have location modifiers applied.
  • Practice bot now compute fire damage correctly.
  • Turrets will now trigger Proximity Mines.
  • Fixed a bug causing Turret to attack too fast.
  • Fixed bug where outfits weren’t updated before a match.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shield to have a longer recharge rate when holding a healing weapon.

Known Issues

  • Human players will have a score of 0 when late joining death snatch matches.
  • Friendly vials display as green while enemy vials display as red in Color Blind mode
  • Healing the bots in Practice Mode does not give exp points

6/20/2013 Build Notes v.31.1 Hotfix

  • Fixed Healing and Buff syringes to accurately display on character.
  • Price reduction on Axl's Rod.

6/21/2013 Build Notes v.31.2 Hotfix

  • Updated foreign pricing.

6/25/2013 Build Notes v.31.3 Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash in the practice playlist.
  • Fixed discounting to accurately display percentage.

6/27/2013 v.31.4 July 4th Holiday UpdateEdit

In celebration of the July 4th holiday, we've released two new cosmetic items in the Outfitter for Axl and T-Bone. For Axl we've introduced an American Flag themed military helmet and for T-Bone we have an American Flag themed under garment.

7/3/2013 Build Notes v.32 - Two Ports is hereEdit

New Features

  • Added Two Ports (Alpha)
  • Updated Localization

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that negated damage with the hammer.
  • Fixed a bug that negated damage when using melee.
  • Fixed a crash caused by specific variations of Flak rockets.

Known Issues

  • Build says v31.5 but is actually v.32.

7/18/2013 Build Notes v.33 - Dawn of the Rocket FroEdit

New Features

  • Founders’ Badges are now available.
  • Developer Badges are now visible.
  • Beam Cooling systems now available for all Beam Weapons (similar to Magazines for Rifles/Pulse).

Cooling: Standard (includes Improved and Advanced versions)
Cooling: Heat Sink (includes Improved and Advanced versions)
Cooling: Liquid Cooling (includes Improved and Advanced versions)

  • The first iteration of the Store is now available in-game with XP Boosts, Spacebux bundles and Starter Packs
  • Friend’s list now supports collapsible groups (online, offline, pending friend requests).
  • Friend requests are now bi-directional. Players must approve an incoming request before becoming friends.
  • Taunting while on the Blitz capture point now causes the point to capture 10% faster.
  • Practice Playlist updated with the following game modes:
  • Four Points Blitz
  • Fissure Blitz
  • Fissure Death Snatch

New Character Customization

  • T-Bone’s and Axl’s Twitch TV Shirts (Exclusive Redeem Only Item)
  • T-Bone Missile Afro
  • Players will also have the ability to earn this by participating in community events (live streams, raidcall community streams, etc).


  • Added lobby map/vote buttons for Two Ports.
  • Improvements to controller support.
  • Spawn points can now be melee’d.
  • Score keeper now shows assists.
  • Taunting while charging your weapon causes the weapon to fire.
  • Turret name will now display as {owner’s name}’s turret.
  • Nametags are now items and visible in the inventory.
  • Incognito option now moved to the friend’s list.
  • The “cancel” button is no longer disabled when matchmaking.
  • Hammer smashes on shielded and overhealed characters is now an insta-kill.
  • Small updates to the timing on some tutorials.
  • More Localizations updates.
  • Upgrade points balance display is not shown in WeaponCrafting.
  • Audio improvements to taunts and maps.

Gameplay - Weapons

  • It will now take 4 dive rolls to shake off sticky mines instead of 2.
  • Healing kickback – players using healing weapons will receive a portion of healing done back in return. This will also allow healers to become overhealed.
  • Tesla arc distance is now proportional to how much damage the shot will do – lower damage higher rate of fire Tesla weapons will not arc as far, and low rate of fire high damage weapons will arc further.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed getting stuck for a few seconds while dive rolling.
  • Fixed non-selectable, static text.
  • Fixed the display of the receipt dialog.
  • Fixed font in friend’s list.
  • Turrets no longer target other turrets with support payloads.
  • Fire no longer burns at the end of a match.
  • Fire now extinguishes when picking up a Health pack.
  • Fixed issues where damage was not being dealt.
  • Fixed collision issues when blutonium is thrown through walls.
  • Fixed issues causing turret targeting issues when holding blutonium.
  • Fixed a bug causing turret buddy to friendly fire in Shooting Gallery of WeaponCrafting.
  • Improved controller support.
  • Fixed some issues causing camera clipping.
  • New network memory model has been included.
  • Corrected some visual errors when making purchases.
  • Improved network stability and security.
  • Improved bandwidth use.
  • Improved server and client stability during disconnections.
  • Added progress spinners to the outfitter and loadout screen.
  • Switched the options screen to use scrolling lists.
  • Fixed the XP boosts not showing when active.
  • Locked out higher graphics quality settings on machines that do not support them.
  • Fixed the display of Spacebux and XP boosts when redeeming item codes.
  • Fixed the display of player names so that enemies will not incorrectly be tagged as healers or buffers.
  • Fixed a bug that let you fly while spamming guided missiles.
  • Fixed taunt cancels at end of game celebration.
  • Fixed a bug where healing a friendly bot would cause them to shoot at you.
  • Fixed unlocked contract slot bug.
  • Collision fixes on Trailer Park and Two Ports.

Known Issues

  • Missing art on Improved and Advanced Liquid Cooling for Juice Payload.
  • Capture speed bugs while taunting on the Blitz game mode.

7/25/2013 Build Notes v.33.3 - Bling BlingEdit

The new cosmetic items that will be released in this build include:

  • Added Stealth Helment to the Outfitter. (Axl)
  • Added Bucket o’ Bling to the Outfitter. (T-Bone)
  • Added Spongy B. Dance to the Outfitter. (Axl and T-Bone)

Weapon Tuning Updates

  • Improved hipfire accuracy on Pulse Chassis weapons.
  • Slightly increased damage to Gatling Barrel.
  • Slightly Reduced reload time on Dampening stock.
  • Improved rate of fire on Shell Loading magazine.

7/31/2013 Build Notes v.33.4 - Vega's TwistEdit

New Character Customization

  • Added Vegas Twist 1 taunt for Axl and T-Bone.
  • Axl's Sexy Stubble added to the Outfitter.
  • T-Bone's Tiger Thong added to the Outfitter.

Gameplay - Weapons

  • Slight improvements to hipfire accuracy for Gatling and Pulses in general.
  • Slight improvement to recoil reduction for dampening stock
  • Improved rate of fire on shell loading slightly
  • Lowered recoil recovery rate on sniper barrels
  • Retuned charge times and damage amounts for based on the barrels
  • Slight improvements to hip and aim accuracy for gatling barrel
  • Improved heal over time rate from 18 to 19 per second
  • Improved strength for healing payload for beams
  • Made shotgun inner radius slightly wider
  • Bumping damage on single-barrel launchers for salvo trigger charged shots
  • Increased the propulsion velocity of Single Barrel rockets when using Salvo Trigger.
  • Normalized Salvo Trigger charge rates across different barrels.
  • Charged Trigger on Beams will now heat while charging.
  • All Charged Triggers now deal damage based on their charge rate.
  • Bolt action magazine damage reduced slightly. Bolt action snipers will now do 49 damage on bodyshot at tier 1.

Known Issues

  • During the Blitz game mode, 'The enemy is in the lead' audio cue does not play when the enemy team takes the lead.
  • During the Jackhammer game mode, 'The enemy has dropped the hammer' does not play when the hammer is dropped.
  • There is no audio on the 'Vegas Twist 1' taunt.

8/8/2013 Build Notes v.33.5Edit

New Character Customization

  • Added Vega’s Twist 2 for Axl and T-Bone
  • Added Axl’s Gang Bandana
  • Added T-Bone’s Purple Hoodie Vest

Bug Fixes

  • Network fix for disconnecting while in a game match.

8/20/2013 Build Notes v.34.1 - We Can See You (Hotfix)Edit

New Features

  • Added the textured version of Drill Cavern.
  • Added Bio Scanner Scope to Tier 2 Scopes.
  • Added X-Ray Scope to Tier 2 Scopes.
  • Added “Go Red” and “Go Blue” to the Private Playlist. Information on how to access the Private Playlist will be provided to some Community members and all active Deputies.
  • PAX 2013 T-Shirt for Axl and T-Bone (only available with a Redemption Code)

8/29/13 Build Notes 34.2 - Parental AdvisoryEdit

New Character Customization

  • Added Green Farmer’s Cap for Axl
  • Added BJ’s Snazzy Red Tie for Axl
  • Added Parental Advisory Tank for T-Bone
  • Added Killers Jacket for T-Bone

Gameplay and Weapons

  • Increased Pulse collision size by 1/3
  • Turrets take extra damage from Tesla payloads
  • Damage to players’ arms is equal to damage to players’ torsos

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where charged sticky rockets did not show after joining a match late.
  • Fixed a bug where sticky mines would crash other players
  • Fixed a bug that disconnects players from lobbies at end of countdown.
  • Fixes for damage bug on Beam Weapons.

9/6/2013 Build Notes v.34.3 - Rock OutEdit

New Character Customization Items

  • Added Chippenmale's Outfit for Axl
  • Added Rocker Hair for Axl
  • Added Black Leather Vest for T-Bone
  • Added SciFi Black Tank for T-Bone

Bug Fixes

  • Disconnection Error 400 issues should occur less frequently.

9/19/2013 Build Notes v.35 - Berets and Turrets (Hotfix)Edit

New Features

  • Added Fissure Night to the Bot Playlist.
  • Added Brewery to the Bot Playlist.
  • Added Trailer Park to the Bot Playlist.
  • New Gametype (codename Ubergame) is live in the Private Playlist.

New Character Customization

  • Added Badass Hat for Axl.
  • Added Scruffy Mug for Axl.
  • Added Red Beret for T-Bone.
  • Added Green Military Hat for T-Bone.

Gameplay and Weapons

  • Scopes on turrets now further reduce the sideways range of the turret. The higher the zoom, the less horizontal range they have.
  • Slightly reduced tracking rate of beam turrets.
  • All turrets take longer to acquire targets and to switch between targets.
  • Changed tesla effect on turrets from 3X damage to 2X.
  • Reduced health on turrets from 200 to 150.
  • Reduced bullet "width" by about 5%.
  • Improved reload speed for super scuttles.
  • Slight buff to damage for 2 and 3 round burst triggers.
  • Reduced headshot bonus on snipers and headhunters (101 damage with a bolt action sniper headshot).
  • Added a slight penalty to aiming time for sniper barrels.
  • Increasing the effect from distance dropoff on assault barrels.
  • Shock absorbing stock gives a little better recoil reduction, but takes slightly longer to aim down sights.
  • Change to matchmaking so that if there are no games running a playlist for a given region then it will allow games to be spawned with only 2 players. If there are servers, but a player has been waiting longer than a set time it will also allow a new server to be created with a minimum of 2 players.
  • Holding shift without pressing a directional movement key, no longer forward translates the player.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where different zoom scopes were not scaling the max range of turrets appropriately.
  • Fixed a bug where beam turrets had much more “ammo” than intended.
  • Fixed a network bug causing disconnections.
  • Fixed a warping issue when meleeing while running.
  • Fixed a warping issue when dive rolling.
  • Fixed warping while using the Jump Boots.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the “Buff 30 teammates” contract.
  • Fixed a crash when taunting in the Outfitter.
  • Fixed a crash caused by Tesla rocket explosions.
  • Fixed a crash caused by exiting Loadout from the Home Screen.
  • Fixed “damage bug” with:
  • 2nd grenade
  • Tesla beam
  • Player death
  • Punching turrets
  • Mines

Known Issues

  • Anti-virus BKAV will show our .exe as a virus (we’re working with them to become white-listed).

9/23/2013 Hotfix

  • Added Fore! Golf Taunt to the Outfitter.
  • Fixed bugs in the House Party game mode.

10/4/2013 Build Notes v.36 - The Headless GunmanEdit

New Features

  • Skill-based matchmaker is now live.
  • Wait times will increase when searching.
  • Added Drill Cavern Night to the Core and N00b playlists.
  • Added Jack-o-lanterns in Fissure Night and Trailer Park Night
  • Added average wait time calculator to the lobby when searching for a match.

New Character Customization

  • Added Pumpkin Heads to the Outfitter for T-Bone and Axl.
  • Added Arctyc Mask to the Outfitter for T-Bone and Axl.
  • Added the Canada Baseball Cap to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Added the German Helmet to the Outfitter for Axl.

Gameplay – Weapons

  • Disguise no longer triggers Faux Health or Faux Equipment Packs
  • Hammer visual effect now explodes out to the full damage sphere, laterally and vertically.
  • Death Snatch vials now come back to the edge of the map when a player commits suicide off of a ledge.
  • Spawn doors in the game mode House Party now face outwards.
  • Levels earned during the game are now retained when disconnecting and reconnecting from House Party .
  • It is no longer possible to get into the enemy base in House Party on Trailer Park.
  • Only two clip’s –worth of mines can be active per level (example: If a player has a single-launcher, two mines can be active at a time; if a player has a hex-launcher, twelve mines can be active at a time).
  • Mines deactivate when the player that placed them switches to a loadout without that mine-laying weapon.

Bug Fixes

  • Trap packs (red dots) no longer show on a player’s radar.
  • Fixed a bug causing Death Snatch vials to float in the air.
  • Network fix for bug that caused bots to spam messages, making it harder to connect and stay connected.
  • General improvements and fixes to network stability.

12/13/13 Build Release Notes v.36.1 - Cover Your Dome In StyleEdit

New Character Customization

  • Added British Motorcycle Helmet for Axl
  • Added Russian Tank Helmet for Axl
  • Added French Beret for Axl

10/15/2013 - Hot Fix We issued an update to fix an issue with specific anti-virus software.

10/30/2013 Build Notes v.37 - It's Party TimeEdit

New Features

  • Added the ability to ‘Create a Party’ with your in-game Friends.
  • Added “Party Chat” when in the lobby menus.
  • Added in-game UI to show when Friends appear online and send Party invites.
  • Added the ability to select ‘Team A’ or ‘Team B’ when in a matchmaking lobby. Party selections take priority.
  • Added the “Rejoin” button to the Fight Menu in order to rejoin your most recent match (in case of disconnections).
  • Juice now has kickback similar to the Health Payload.
  • Added a Juice Meter to the Health bar.
  • Added Team Rebalancing in live matches.
  • Added Chat functionality across the game.
  • Enabled DX11 support in-game.
  • When there is a team size imbalance of 2 or more players (and the match is not almost over by score or time) the game will announce a rebalance will occur.
  • Team Rebalancing will kill the player, but this does not affect their score, K/D ratio or any challenge related streaks they may be in the process of completing

New Character Customization

  • Added Beer Beard to the Outfitter for T-Bone.
  • Added Shaggy Beard to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Added Tie Dye T to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Added Guns Don’t Kill T to the Outfitter for Axl.
  • Unlocked the ‘Walrus’ Tusk Mask to the Outfitter.

Gameplay Changes

  • Juiced mines have a time limit on the buff.
  • Size of the hitbox for mines has been increased.
  • Vote Kicked feature has been removed.
  • Killing an enemy by shooting their mines now counts as a kill.
  • House Party damage modifier has been decreased.
  • House Party end-game objective has been altered.
  • Health Packs in House Party now heal at half the rate.
  • Added an option to use a spawn teleporter to House Party.
  • Temporarily disabled Australian servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit on Drill Cavern allowing players to reach the top of the drill.
  • Fixed an exploit on Trailer Park allowing players to reach the top edges of the map.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to ‘Rocket Jump’ when using the Remote Control scope.
  • Fixed a bug that showed mines sticking offset of a character model that had been shot with a mine.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Turret Mines to remain in-game, even if the player that used the Turret Equipment left the match.
  • Fixed a bug causing the burn state of the player model to remain even if the player was not hit by Fire.
  • Added a prompt when attempting a purchase without the Steam overlay enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where players’ Health entered an invalid range temporarily.
  • Fixed an issue with the 202 disconnect log.
  • Improved network and bandwidth.

11/13/2013 Build Notes v.38 - Rock the HouseEdit

New Features

  • House Party Added to Competitive Playlist.
  • Added the ability to create custom display names.
  • Added icon images for items in the Outfitter.

Gameplay Changes

  • Increased the maximum level from 10 to 15 in House Party.
  • Added new art to Teleporter spawn locations to House Party.
  • Added new HUD UI to House Party for player levels and objectives.
  • Added new art to Trailer Park for House Party game mode.
  • Added new audio when completing or queuing certain House Party objectives
  • Decreased the self-buff rate to 25%
  • Increased the Kickback Buff Rate from 30% to 33%
  • Added Respawn countdown to all game modes.
  • Added ability to steer character more when dive rolling.
  • Health bars now show damage dealt.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug allowing players to remain Juiced on Respawn when using juice grenades.
  • Fixed a bug where camera clipped through rock collision.
  • Fixed a bug when grabbing the hammer in House Party.
  • Fixed multiple bugs related to sending and receiving Party invitations.
  • Fixed multiple bugs with the Friends List
  • Fixed character pops after taunt in the end game screen.
  • Reduced camera wobble during running while looking up and down.
  • Fixed a bug prohibiting Heals and Buffs from showing on the Scoreboard.

Known Issues

  • If the Change Display Name screen is open when a match starts, the window gets stuck on screen until the client is restarted.

11/15/2013 Build Notes v.38.02 - Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug causing crashes when exiting the game.

11/25/2013 Build Notes v.39.01 - Player Progression (Hotfix)Edit

New Features

  • Added the Tech Tree.
  • Added Blutes as the currency that is earned by playing the game.
  • Added Romanian fonts.
  • Added new UI to the Locker.
  • Added Gun Slots to the Store.

New Cosmetic Items

  • Added Beta Brigade t-shirt for Axl and T-Bone.

Gameplay Changes

  • Level cap is now set at level 40.
  • Improved the checkout speed when creating weapons or outfits.
  • Removed holiday pumpkins from levels.
  • Player levels have been reset.
  • Gun Slots can now be unlocked by earning levels. Additional slots are unlocked through Spacebux.
  • Loadouts can now be unlocked by earning levels. Additonal loadouts are unlocked through Spacebux.
  • Updates to localization.
  • Made UI changes to the post match screen.
  • Turrets can no longer shoot through the force field in House Party.
  • Disguise no longer sets off enemy mines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Damage Decals on character models
  • Error 400 fixes.
  • Lighting fixes on Drill Cavern
  • Fixed some hitching in gameplay.
  • Fixes to the Jackhammer HUD.
  • Fixes to damage bus.
  • Fixed a bug related to Hammer Carrier rebalancing.
  • Sticky mines no longer give “Long Shot” score
  • Fixes to the Crash report tool.
  • Fixes to the Spawn Point state.
  • Fixed a bug with the interaction between Pyro payload and the Shield equipment.
  • Fixed a visual bug with overheating beams.
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to throw a grenade after death.
  • Fixed a bug with warping while using Scuttle Rockets.
  • Fixed a bug with the accuracy of bot health.
  • Fixed a bug with the remote mind camera.
  • Fixed a bug with the X-Ray scope.
  • Fixed camera popping on respawn.
  • Fixed a bug while sprinting and jumping while aiming down sights.
  • Fixed a bug that causes enemies to pop up or down a bit while jumping.
  • Upon rejoining a House Party match after disconnect, your progress starts back where you left off.

Known Issue

  • The XP Boost is mislabeled when the boost is one day or less.
  • Magazines for pulse and rifle chassis are unable to be upgraded to tier 3

11/25/2013 v.39.01 Hotfix

  • Fixed a bug that did not allow players to equip higher Tiered weapons.
  • Fixed a bug when creating a party or accepting a party invitation that disabled HUD UI button functionality.

We also had to disassemble character outfits and assign key mapping to default controls. Players will need to:

  • Recreate their outfits. They won't lose any cosmetic items, just the saved outfits.
  • Redo their key mapping in the settings.

1/11/14 Build Notes v.40.1 (hotfix) - Quick updateEdit

  • quick update to fix an issue with starter packs.

2/1/14 Live Build Hot FixEdit

  • Fixed a bug on game servers where servers could incorrectly report that a disconnected user was still connected to the server preventing that user from matchmaking until the server shut down.

1/10/14 Build Notes v.40.1- V.40. 8 - Do The Helga Twerk (Hotfix)Edit

'New Features'

  • Extraction Game Mode is now available in Co-op against Bots.
  • The in-game HUD has been re-skinned and now supports 1080p natively.
  • New Post match screen.
  • Added our new character Helga
  • Added Avatars to the Locker.
  • The textured version of Shattered is now in the matchmaking rotation.


  • Added the ability to have “mouth” cosmetic items (cigars, toothpicks, etc).
  • Helga outfitter parts added to the catalog.
  • Added Cat Daddy taunt.
  • Added Golf Clap taunt.
  • Added Sumo Twerk taunt.
  • Characters have new animation poses while in the Outfitter.

'Weapon Balance'


  • Increased pulse collision radius by 20%
  • Reduced the damage on pulse snipers and charge trigger for pulses by 5%
  • Improved pulse damage on magazines by 5%, with the exception of bolt action
  • Sped up projectile speed on pulse shotguns


  • Reduced DPS on standard and heat sink beam mags by 5%
  • Reduced heat capacity for liquid cooling magazines on beams by 3%
  • Upgrading beam cooling now improves the heat capacity slightly with each tier.
  • Increased damage of pyro beams by 5%
  • Reduced beam radius by 5%
  • Decreased damage on liquid cooling by 2%, and increased the heat generated by 2% (no more 3hk semi-beam)
  • Added a more significant rate of fire penalty for liquid cooling beams
  • Improved the 2 and 3 round burst effect for sniper beams by about 5%
  • Increased fire rate for burst triggers on beams by about 10%


  • Increased distance and inner radius of shotguns by about 5%
  • Tesla shotguns now create arcs.
  • Reduced the movement penalty to accuracy for rifles and pulses by 10%
  • Reload starts immediately when changing to an empty weapon, no longer waiting for the animation to finish.
  • Charging the Hammer in Annihilation now grants the carrier a shield.
  • Name tags over characters now fade based on distance.
  • Removed manual Bot difficulty to alleviate farming Blutes and XP.
  • Crosshair reticule while carrying the Hammer is now disabled.
  • Tesla arcs now have a maximum distance of 20ft.


  • Shooting, Melee Swings and Flag Swings no longer expose a player in Disguise.
    • Disguise is exposed when the shooter does damage, buffs or heals (includes continuous burning effect).
    • Disguise is still exposed when taking damage, dying and manual releasing.


  • Retuned XP amounts earned towards your guns
  • Increased rate of weapon XP for healing weapons
  • Reduced XP and blute gain from bot matches to 50% (was 75%)
  • Loadout and gunslot unlocks now require higher levels (5, 20 for Loadouts, 2,8,15,30 for Gunslots)
  • Equipment now costs more blutes to unlock in the Tech Tree
  • Improved some of the weighting of the prize boxes to be more generous.


  • Display Names are now limited to at least 3 characters.
  • Removed Happy Hour.
  • Bots can now play the extraction game type.
  • Small updates to the tutorial for the tech tree.
  • Removed alpha levels from the casual playlist.
  • Pro-tips are no longer randomized.
  • Updated starter packs content.
  • Localized Crash Report tool.
  • Music continues to play while in weapon test level.
  • Added multiple, new error messages to replace the “Bad Request” matchmaking error.
  • If a party member does not make it into matchmaking, they entire party will be removed from matchmaking and notified.
  • If a player leaves an Annihilation game, that players only matchmaking option will be to rejoin the Annihilation game they left (until the match ends).
    • Players will be suspended from all matchmaking except Rejoin for 5 minutes
  • Matchmaking now supports reopening matchmaking requests. This means in some cases, players will be put back into matchmaking with the same priority they left.
  • Matchmaking will now prevent players from being in multiple servers at the same time.
    • If you get a message saying you are currently in a server, wait a couple seconds and try again. This change was put into place to prevent several bugs.
  • New UI for the Starter Packs.
  • Clicking on an empty Loadout weapon slot now takes you to the store.
  • New UI for Blute and XP boosts.
  • Shooting pickups now works more consistently.
  • Improved Bot spawning logic to match that of players.
  • Death Snatch vials no longer get stuck in the pit on Fissure.
  • Bots in the shooting gallery cower less when aiming at them (to allow for practicing head shots).
  • Changes to the kill plan and camera on certain levels that allow players to fall to their death.
  • Bot matches now show the same Bot names for everyone in the match.
  • Added a giant explosion to the end-game sequence in Annihilation.
  • Players can use the Rename token to set capitalization on their name.
  • Combo Boosts now provide correct warning when purchases causes a time overwrite.
  • Warning messages from Customer Support now list the specific reason a player was cited and the warning clears upon acknowledgement.
  • Your own name appears as available in the Change Name Display screen.
  • Players with US country accounts, no longer see "USD" after a price value.
  • Players can buy out unlockable slots for weapons and loadouts (after buying purchase only slots).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you could not upgrade to tier 3 for pulse and rifle magazines
  • Fixed incorrect XP amount for manual detonator tier 2
  • Fixed tier 3 rifle sniper barrel XP amount from 0 to 80K
  • Fixed a big with incorrect reload amount for tier 3 Toob barrel
  • Fixed a bug showing 0 ping values on the scoreboard
  • Fewer match disconnects due to player connections.
  • Matchmaking errors now remove you from matchmaking instead of automatically retrying.
  • Fixed a bug that removes Buff icons from turrets. Turrets cannot be Buffed.
  • Fixed a bug where Pulse weapons would not damage Faux pickups.
  • Fixed a bug when reloading single fire weapons.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to use the Disguise equipment when no player was on the other team.
  • Fixed a bug allowing the Hammer effects to play on all clients.
  • Made UI and game flow improvements with Parties and the Friends List.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hammer could become invisible and unresponsive in Jackhammer.
  • Fixed several “lag” related issues when observing Bots dive rolling and jumping.
  • Bots no longer jump in place immediately when shot.
  • Fixed the physics on Death Snatch vials.
  • Fixed several bugs where bots get stuck in place or spin in tight circles.
  • Fixed a player orientation bug when deploying a Spawn Point on a slope.
  • Fixed a bug where players were not facing forward in the end-game celebration screen.
  • Fixed a bug where bots had poor aim when firing at turrets.
  • Made improvements to reduce overall network bandwidth.
  • Fixed a bug where Jump Boots would trigger if you played a second jump immediately upon landing.
  • Fixed a bug where your killer’s red outline would cover the whole screen if they were close to the camera.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to partially jump through thin ceilings and shoot opposing players in Alpha Levels.
  • Fixes and improvements for Error 400 Disconnects.
  • Fixed rare case where events that occur when an object is created are lost.
  • Improved recovery on network when being overwhelmed by network traffic.
  • Fixed a memory bug where player disconnect could cause problems with the game.
  • Fixes and improvements for the Error 402 disconnects.
  • Fixed the Vote Surrender win/losetie calculation.
  • Avoid getting friend’s info into a bad state by not letting you “Find” yourself
  • Purchasing “Connecting to server” modal now removes “Cancel” button at the point of no return instead of starting a new modal.

Known Issues

  • Outfitter animated thumbnail characters may appear to float.
  • Hammer is rotated so that the head clips into walls in Annihilation.
  • Some Blutonium is floating into the ground.
  • The tesla arc sound is playing repeatedly as tesla arcs to enemies.

1/11/2014 Hot Fix v.40.1

  • Fixed an issue with Starter Pack consistency.

 1/13/2014 Hot Fix v.40.2

  • Fixed a bug causing warping while carrying the flag or blutonium.
  • Fixed a bug where Blutes awarded during the match did not match the post match screen.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Tesla arc sound to play repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug causing some items to not load when entering the Weaponcrafting menu.
  • Removed the "Contracts Completed" stat from the Locker.
  • Fixed a bug not showing the Blutes icon when opening crates during the post match screen.
  • Fixed a bug not displaying your character in Loadouts.
  • "No Character Selected" now shows if you don't have a character selected in the Loadout editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the "healing" bot can appear to be using a Tesla shotgun that shoots Healing rockets.
  • Fixed a bug causing dead character reflections to remain in the Weaponcrafting test arena after respawning.

1/14/2014 Hot Fix v.40.3*Fixed a bug causing the friend's list to remain on screen while in a match.

  • Fixed a bug causing Helga's player model not to appear while in the Outfitter.
  • Fixed a bug with sniper sway while scoping and holding breath.
  • Made improvements and fixes to using the Alt Tab function while in game.
  • Fixed warping issues with bots.
  • Fixed a warping bug while dive rolling and using Jump Boots.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow players to roll out Pyro when on fire.
  • Fixed several spawn points on Shattered Death Snatch.
  • Returned chat functionality immediately at the end of a match.
  • Made tuning changes to Bots using the Tesla shotgun.

Known Issue

  • Full Screen mode in Windows 8 may cause a crash on startup. If it happens, please enter your Loadout properties settings on Steam.
  • Right Click on Loadout in your game library.
  • Click on "Properties"
  • Click on "Set Launch Options" in the General tab
  • Enter the argument in the command prompt: -windowed
  • Click "Ok" and relaunch Loadout

If the steps provided do not work for you, please contact We're already working on a fix and it'll be available in the next Hotfix.
1/15/2014 Hot Fix v.40.4

  • Fixed a bug causing a crash on startup with Windows 8 users.

1/20/2014 Hot Fix v.40.5

  • Bot matches now award less Blute currency.
  • Post-game screen now shows XP boost.
  • Tech tree dragging is smoother.
  • Extended the censor on Axl's rod while doing the Sumo Twerk.
  • Helga's outfits are now flagged by the nudity filter.
  • Added a new Equipment icon in the Tech Tree.
  • Fixed invisible players in Jackhammer matches.
  • Fixed a bug causing the <Enter> key to spam empty chat dialogs.
  • Fixed a bug that allows bots to die at a normal rate when on fire.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Daily Prize box selection to show an empty prize.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Pyro from spreading when touching friendly or enemy players.

1/21/2014 Hot Fix v.40.6

  • Bot difficulty has been scaled to adjust for the weapon it is carrying.
  • Fixed a bug when taking damage from Pulse and Beam weapons that displayed the projectiles in the incorrect position.
  • Fixed a bug causing bots to warp when changing directions.
  • Fixed a bug with a spawn point location on Shattered.
  • Fixed a bug with an unresponsive Health Pack on Shattered during the game mode Death Snatch.

1/23/2014 Hot Fix v.40.7

  • Decreased frequency of diveroll warping.
  • Fixed a bug with the Crash report tool.
  • Fixed a bug prohibiting all of the death animations possible with Slug rockets.
  • Fixed a bug showing the incorrect levels of weapons in places like the Victory Screen

1/24/2014 Hot Fix v.40.8

  • Fixed a bug with servers recognizing the end of matches.

2/5/14 Launch Build: Hot fix (Update 1.00.14)Edit

Build v.1.00.14 Hotfix


  • Temporarily removed Annihilation from playlist selection
  • Disabled Rejoin Button
  • Reduced countdown timer in lobbies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing players to remain stuck in a server.
  • Improved several stability issues with the network

This build was released to make minor changes to the network in preparation for the weekend.

2/11/14 Build v.1.00.15 HotfixEdit

Today's hotfix addresses a number of server side crashes and bugs with significant tweaks to how matchmaking lobbies function. We made a change to the Vs. Humans playlist that will now only start matches when the lobby has 8 players. This was created in a direct response to player feedback regarding team balance, wherein players began a match with the teams uneven. A list of the changes are below:

  • Re-enabled Annihilation in the Competitive Playlist.
  • The minimum number of players needed to start a match in the Casual, Vs. Humans playlist is now 8.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several stability issues related to Annihilation.
  • Fixed several server side bugs causing asserts and crashes.

2/18/14 Build Notes v.1.1.00 - Make GoodsEdit

In build v.1.1 we’re granting players some goodies for the turbulence experienced during launch weekend. All players will receive a new full body "Thrashed" Axl and a new Party Crasher T-Shirt. Booster codes will roll out over the next several days for those players that purchased XP or Blute boosts, but were unable to use them during launch. The build also features a few bug fixes which you all can view below:

New Cosmetic Items (Available to Everyone)

  • Thrashed Skin (Axl)
  • Party Crasher 2 T-Shirt (Axl)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causes a blank name to appear when a player joined a party.
  • Fixed a bug with the Daily Prize Box.
  • Removed Tool Tip 8 which showed incorrect information.

All of the cosmetic items will roll out over the next couple of days.

2/25/14 Build Notes v.1.2 - Mardi GrasEdit

Build v.1.2 is all about the content! We've added a number of new cosmetic items in celebration of the Mardi Gras holiday. Helga, Axl and T-Bone will all receive new cosmetic items to celebrate the event! T-Bone’s Steak will now be available for all players to use. T-Bone will also have an exclusive shirt and beads to bring Mardi Gras in the right way.

Helga will have a full-body paint outfit and new pasties while Axl will have a new shirt and beads.

New Cosmetic Items

  • T-Bone's Steak is now available in the Outfitter.
  • Mardi Gras T-Shirt available for Axl.
  • Mardi Gras T-Shirt available for T-Bone.
  • Helga full body paint is now available in the Outfitter.
  • Helga Mardi Gras Pasties are now available in the Outfitter.
  • Mardi Gras Beads are available for Helga, T-Bone, and Axl.

3/26/14 Build Notes: Update 2.0 - DominationEdit

New Map: Spires

  • Dive-roll headfirst into the nooks and crannies of Spires -- playable with every game mode!

New Mode: Domination

  • Frantically capture and defend control points scattered around each map. Get ready to dominate!
  • WATCH the video:

Steam Achievements

  • This was a heavily requested community features and now it's here! Achievements are retroactive, meaning you don't have to re-do them if it's already completed.

New Weapon Parts and Equipment

  • Deployable Shield
  • Wave Propulsion
  • Double-Barrel Launcher

New Features

  • Join-a-game feature is enabled
  • The News Feed now cycles through messages

New Character Customization Parts

  • Helga's Black Sci-Fi Shirt
  • Helga's Black Sci-Fi Belt
  • Axl's Night Vision Goggles
  • T-Bone's Overalls with red tank top

Weapon Balancing

  • Reduced how much dive roll puts out fire.
  • Improved damage on Pulses by about 7% across the board.
  • Reduced Sniper Pulse headshot damage by about 7% (to counteract Pulse Buff).
  • Improved aimed accuracy of Sniper and Headhunter Barrel on Pulses.
  • Reduced arc range and damage on Tesla beams.
  • Increased charge time on Pulse Charge Trigger for Scatter Barrels, and reduced charge time for Sniper Barrels.
  • Made flak disperse more evenly across its damage radius.
  • Reduced rate of fire for semi-auto trigger on beams.
  • Reduced rate of fire for Sniper Barrel on Beams.
  • Reduced blast radius of Manual Detonation.
  • Liquid cooling for beams has a slightly reduced beam vent speed.
  • Reduced the movement accuracy bonus on Aluminum stock.
  • Slight reduction to full auto Sniper Beam DPS.
  • Gatling Barrel gives slightly more recoil.
  • Light Assault Barrel's range is reduced slightly.

Personal Shield Changes

  • No longer always on
    • Must be activated
    • Lasts for 10 seconds
  • Can be renewed by an equipment pickup packs

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced the frequency that parties are split in the Casual Playlist. Exceptions are:
    • Party late joins.
    • Odd-sized parties matching with even-sized parties (Party of 3 and Party of 2)
  • Reduced the lobby wait time
    • Players can still join the match in progress up to one minute after the match begins.
  • Weapon "level" has been removed from the MVP screen.
  • Bot difficulty has been scaled back.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug causing ghost images to appear on moving HUD elements.
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to spawn underneath Shattered.
  • Fixed a bug causing the hammer to sometimes return when both teams reached 10,000 points.
  • Fixed a bug causing a team to surrender after a player left the match during the surrender option.
  • Fixed a bug causing the Surrender UI to remain on screen after leaving a game in Annihilation.
  • Fixed a bug allowing an Annihilation match to continue playing, despite all players on the opposing team leaving the match.
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown.
  • Fixed a bug when damaging opponents.
  • Fixed a bug that did not auto-cycle through the news feed by default.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect reward information on the post-match screen.
  • Improved localization.



Ranked Mode (Beta)

Players now have the ability to receive a divisional ranking based on how well they perform in each game. Before receiving a rank, players must participate in 12 provisional matches to assess their appropriate Division. The Ranked playlist currently features two of our existing game modes: Jackhammer and Annihilation. Players will maintain a separate rank for each mode they choose to play.

Ranked Level Gate

Players must reach level 10 before entering the Ranked playlist.

Ranked Lobby Changes

Players cannot see opponents from the other team while in a lobby. Like the Casual playlist, map voting has been disabled.

Casual Playlist Voting

The voting system has been altered to only include a list of all game modes when players are in the lobby – maps selection has been removed. The map selection will be determined based on the selected game mode.

New Weapon Part Light Machine Gun Barrel

New Character Customization Items Axl Orgasm Donor T-Shirt Helga Nerd Glasses T-Bone Nam Packs Belt T-Bone Karate Man Headband T-Bone Zebra Thong Pole Dance Taunt

Gameplay Changes Added new UI to the Locker for Ranked progress and statistics. Blute Boosts and XP Boosts now stack. In Extraction, the collector has 30 seconds to collect Blutonium or that player explodes. All game modes except Annihilation are available in co-op bot matches. Removed the black background frame from the in-game chat text. Bots populate matches that are not full in the Casual playlist. Removed the ready up button from the game lobby. Players can no longer use shields while carrying the hammer, blutonium, or while taunting. Addressed the “suicide” exploit in Death Snatch. The vials of players that suicide can now be captured or denied.

Weapon Balancing Removed the damage bonus on Mortar. Increased the reload time on Mortar by 5% . Improved inertia and less erratic bouncing for Skipping Pulse. Reduced the damage on the Pulse Shotgun slightly. Improved the reload speed on the Pulse Snipers and Shotguns. Pulse Sniper and Headhunter are now more accurate when aiming, and projectiles travel slightly faster. Extended the length that Juice stays active before its starts decaying. Reduced accuracy bonus to some Rifle scopes for Tier 2 and Tier 3 versions. Reduced the outer blast radius of large Launcher explosions by 5%, and inner blast radius by 10%. Boosted the size of smaller explosions to compensate. Removed manual venting on the Beam Chassis. As a result, the base cooldown rate has been increased. Beams now have an optimal range for dealing damage, which varies based on the barrel used. The damage drop-off occurs for enemies that are too close or too far. Updates to the rate of fire and damage for beam parts, to accommodate the range and venting changes. Beams cool 50% slower when not equipped (i.e. your secondary weapon).

Equipment Balancing Reduced Personal Shield duration to 8 seconds from 10. Players can no longer pick up an ammo crate to refill the Personal Shield while the shield is still active. Activating a Personal Shield no longer extinguishes Pyro. Increased Deployable Shield’s health from 150 to 200. Faux Packs now damage players appropriately when triggered.

Bug Fixes Fixed a bug with Faux Packs causing them to trigger improperly. Fixed bugs to bot navigation where they could get stuck. Fixed collision issues on Spires. Fixed collision bug with the Directional Shield. Fixed issues related to logging in. Fixed a bug causing missing part icons. Improved art on the Double Barrel rockets. Fixed a Turret bug causing Pyro damage to stop when the turret was destroyed instead of persisting through to the end of the damage. Improved localization. Fixed a bug that prevented mines from destroying on Directional Shields when the shield was destroyed. Fixed the buff meter in Color Blind mode. Made Improvements to matchmaking. Fixed a bug causing the Omega Man achievement to not unlock properly. Fixed a bug causing the decals to not show. Fix a few bugs causing client crashes. Fixed several spawn points embedded in the ground.



Private Playlist

Players now have the ability to create their own private matches with their friends or foes. The private match system is limited to 2 to 8 players at any given time, with an option to turn on or off the “bot filler”. Uneven teams are supported, with or without bots. Players will not earn rewards such as blutes or XP and will not progress through the game while playing in a private match. Party leader is able to choose the map and mode to their liking and AFK players will not timeout if away from the private match screen. 2-8 players Bot fillers can be turned on/off No AFK timeout No end game screen/ No progression, blutes, XP

New Level: Comm Tower

Comm Tower coming your way for Deathsnatch, Blitz, Domination, Extraction and Jackhammer.

Additional patch information Age Gate (17+ restriction for new players) Refinements to the Casual Matchmaking algorithm

Outfitter Items Helga Fattoos Sci-Fi Pads (Orange) Sci-Fi Shirt (Orange)

T-Bone Orgasm Donor Tee

BUG FIXES Fixed bugs causing UI screens to freeze Party chat log now clears when entering a lobby In-game chat will resume if temporarily interrupted. Bots are no longer always on the radar. Bots will show when running and firing their weapon. Beam reticle blends color based on damage and distance Rare Server Crash fix Bandwidth optimization and improvements

Map Rebalancing

We figured all our maps needed a nice coat of “hawtnezz”, so we rearranged the item locations for each map and each associated game mode. This gives each map a new tactical approach, just in time for some private matching!


This is an exciting day for all of us here at Edge of Reality and it’s all because of our dedicated user base! We’re happy to announce we have hit the 3 Million Users milestone! Loadout has come a long way from its conception and we can’t thank y’all enough for your heart-felt devotion and quality feedback.

To cap it all off, we’ve got even more awesome news to share today!

Loadout Sets Sights on PlayStation®4, Player Base Rockets to 3 Million

Edge of Reality’s Violently Hilarious Shooter Gets New Trailer to Celebrate Exclusive Console Release

AUSTIN, TX – June 5, 2014 — Edge of Reality today announced that Loadout, the fast-paced free-to-play shooter with billions of weapon combinations, will bring every last one of those weapons to the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system in a forthcoming release on the PlayStation®Store. Loadout’s comic violence, frenetic multi-player gameplay, and amazingly deep customization have officially been enjoyed by 3 million PC gamers since launching in January on Steam. The game will be available as a free-to-play downloadable title on the PlayStation®Store, where it will find its way into console gamers’ hearts, and out their backs in glorious exit wounds.

“There are roughly 10 pints of blood in the human body, meaning that with 3 million players, our game is splattered with over 16 million liters of sanguine goodness,” said Rob Cohen, CEO of Edge of Reality. “We’re assuming, of course, that PS4® players have plenty more to offer when they join the fun – both in terms of the camaraderie they’ll bring to our community, and the shiny, slippery organs they’ll litter across our battlefields. We can’t tell you how delighted we are to jump into PlayStation’s free-to-play arena – I mean, boy, are our faces red. With bashful pride, that is, not just blood.”

Loadout is the first original IP from Edge of Reality, an Austin-based independent studio with broad experience in world-class franchises, including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, and The Sims. The studio developed Loadout as a passion project, and today that passion has been shared by over 3 million players, enjoying the over-the-top violence, accessible gameplay, and fast action of Loadout on PC – and, soon, PS4®.

To celebrate this grisly milestone, a new trailer has been released for Loadout. Watch it here: