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  • ACGLuna

    Cosmetic Inventory

    April 11, 2014 by ACGLuna

    Hello all, Luna here (as per ususal) i'm here to talk about somethign rather important to this Wikia.

    Loadout Cosmetic Items

    as you know Cosmetics are a big deal for this games, from hats to shoes, they make up a large portion of the game assets and items.

    only one problem: we have barely any at all cataloged.

    I aim to change that with a project I call: Cosmetic Inventory.

    here's how it will go:

    A person claims a certain cosmetic slot (hat and hair for example) and a character (Axi for example) and systematically goes through and creates the pages for all the cosmetic items in that category.

    each of the pages should contain at bare minimum:

    the cosmetic infobox filled out (if you dont know when an item was released use Jan 21st, 2014)
    the picture i…
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  • ACGLuna

    Cosmetic InfoBox

    March 18, 2014 by ACGLuna

    New Template for your useage and pleasure:

    Cosmetic InfoBox

    This infobox template can be used to display an image and basic information pertaining to cosmetic items.

    Please remove the parameters that are left blank. See Parameters section below for documentation of all parameters.

    The Title of the Infobox is derived from the page's name.

    The main infobox image to be displayed directly underneath the title. Not displayed unless defined specifically.

    The outfit modifying category: Not displayed unless defined specifically.
    When the item was released. Basic text parameter. Not displayed unless defined specifically.
    Which character this item is used for: . Not displayed unless defined specifically.
    The t…

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  • ACGLuna

    Quick Poll. User Badges

    March 10, 2014 by ACGLuna

    How many of you out there would use a system of little badges on your userpage things like "favorite gamemode" and "preferred guntype"?

    if most of you would like to have them, i am currently thinking of a few user-page badges to make. and if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to see as a UPB then go ahead and make a comment.

    this is a sample one if you'd like to take a look:

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  • ACGLuna

    Custom Weapon Showcase

    March 3, 2014 by ACGLuna

    In response to JMan Z, i have created a template for you to display custom weapons and statistics on your userpage or on a wikipage.

    the template is

    For stats that do not coincide with your gun type (eg. Cooling on a Launcher) simply delete the line or do not fill it in. Do not use the Customization Template, as it is added in by the template.

    Working on adding gun statistics (damage, rate of fire, etc) to the box as well.

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  • ACGLuna

    Hey guys, just a PSA here.

    don't forget to look at the talk pages of articles, People tend to post relevant or helpful information, or things that need to be added that you can help with.

    PSA over.

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