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Cosmetic InfoBox

{{Cosmetic InfoBox
| Image =
| Slot =
| Released =
| Character =
| CostType =
| CostAmt =
| Droppable =

This infobox template can be used to display an image and basic information pertaining to cosmetic items.


Please remove the parameters that are left blank. See Parameters section below for documentation of all parameters.


Setup parameters

The Title of the Infobox is derived from the page's name.

Image parameters

The main infobox image to be displayed directly underneath the title. Not displayed unless defined specifically.
Example: Filename.png

Information parameters

The outfit modifying category: Hat and Hair, Facial Hair, Facial Mask, Glasses, Cigar, Top, Necklace, Torso Straps, Skin, Outfit, Bottom, Belt, Leg Straps, and Kneepads. Not displayed unless defined specifically.
When the item was released. Basic text parameter. Not displayed unless defined specifically.
Which character this item is used for: Axi, T-Bone, Helga. Not displayed unless defined specifically.
The type of currency used to pay for this cosmetic item: 0 is Blutes, 1 is SpaceBux. Not displayed, has an effect on CostAmt parameter.
The amount of a currency to purchase this cosmetic item. Will not display unless CostType is defined. CostAmt is an integer value of the cost.
100 is acceptable. 100 Blutes is not acceptable.

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