Hello all, Luna here (as per ususal) i'm here to talk about somethign rather important to this Wikia.

Loadout Cosmetic Items

as you know Cosmetics are a big deal for this games, from hats to shoes, they make up a large portion of the game assets and items.

only one problem: we have barely any at all cataloged.

I aim to change that with a project I call: Cosmetic Inventory.

here's how it will go:

A person claims a certain cosmetic slot (hat and hair for example) and a character (Axi for example) and systematically goes through and creates the pages for all the cosmetic items in that category.

each of the pages should contain at bare minimum:

the cosmetic infobox filled out (if you dont know when an item was released use Jan 21st, 2014)
the picture is full body, using the default items on the character except the item you are showcasing. for example this is an appropriate picture for displaying the slouch hat
Slouch hat img
Images should be named in this fashion: <cosmetic name; all lower case; replace spaces with underscores>_img.png
a brief description of the item, reaffirming what is inside the infobox.

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