In response to JMan Z, i have created a template for you to display custom weapons and statistics on your userpage or on a wikipage.

the template is {{Custom Weapon}}


{{Custom Weapon
| ID = 
| Img = 
| Gun Type = 
| Payload = 
| Stock = 
| Trigger = 
| Barrel = 
| Scope = 
| Magazine = 
| Dynamics = 
| Cooling = 
| Propulsion = 
| Shell = 
| Detonator = 
| Dispersal = 

For stats that do not coincide with your gun type (eg. Cooling on a Launcher) simply delete the line or do not fill it in. Do not use the Customization Template, as it is added in by the template.

Working on adding gun statistics (damage, rate of fire, etc) to the box as well.

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