• Acequacker

    I tried my best to find the stats of weapon parts on Loadout.

    Here is my result failure in finding just the stats of the Shell Loading magazine IN THE RIFLE. (one weapon part is very time consuming already alright ;_;)

    Before you read, there is something you need to know about:

    • All the stats given in Loadout is corrected to 2 decimal places, except from clip size, which is corrected to the nearest integer.
    • These are the stats just for the Shell Loading in the Rifle chassis.
    • All the stats here are Shell Loading vs the Standard magazines on the different combinations of other weapon parts.
    • This took me a lot of time.
    • I am NOT good at Maths, and that's why I need YOUR help.

    Simple. Easy to understand. Increase damage by 38%, for example:

    • Default Rifle: 7…

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