I tried my best to find the stats of weapon parts on Loadout.

Here is my result failure in finding just the stats of the Shell Loading magazine IN THE RIFLE. (one weapon part is very time consuming already alright ;_;)

Before you read, there is something you need to know about:

  • All the stats given in Loadout is corrected to 2 decimal places, except from clip size, which is corrected to the nearest integer.
  • These are the stats just for the Shell Loading in the Rifle chassis.
  • All the stats here are Shell Loading vs the Standard magazines on the different combinations of other weapon parts.
  • This took me a lot of time.
  • I am NOT good at Maths, and that's why I need YOUR help.

No Problem


Simple. Easy to understand. Increase damage by 38%, for example:

  • Default Rifle: 7.23 x 138% = 9.9774 = 9.98
  • Default w/ 2-Round Burst: 8.51 x 138% = 11.7438 = 11.74

Reload Time

Increase by 1.60s, for example:

  • Default Rifle: 1.60s + 1.60s = 3.20s
  • Default w/ Dampening: 2.08s + 1.60s = 3.68s

Clip Size

Decrease by 70%, for example:

  • Default Rifle: 50 x 30% = 15
  • Default w/ Sniper: 38 x 30% = 11.4 = 11

Help Me!

Rate of Fire

The higher the original (Standard magazine) rate of fire, the higher the % decrease.

So I decided to plot a graph to check out the curve.

Turns out it's something like this (x is original RoF, y is the new RoF, different dots represent different combination of other weapon parts):

It looks deformed. Really. And it looks like a 3rd degree polynomial curve. So I decided to calculate the best-fit curve of it in Excel. Turns out it gives something like this:

y = 0.0004x^3 - 0.0188x^2 + 0.3853x + 0.7849

Which doesn't really fit AT ALL.

I also thought of plotting the original RoF against the % decrease, but since the stats given to me from the game is already rounded off, rounding off the % decrease again will not be a good idea. I NEED UR HALP ;_;

Hip. Acc.

Decreased. Less deformed, but what curve is it? (x is original, y is new):

It doesn't look like a straight line to me, it slightly curved.

Excel gives me this for best-fit (2nd degree polynomial):

y = -0.0055x^2 + 1.4881x - 12.569

Nope. Doesn't actually fit too.


Decreased. More deformed (x is original, y is new):

What's you thought about these deformed curves? I suck at Maths, don't expect me to do anthing lol. EoR sure loves dem curves.

BTW you can mess with those graphs if you wants, maybe adding some data. Just make sure you don't save if you are just playing around, even if I backed them up.

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