• JMan Z

    Woohoo! I am Back! Finally the exams are over. I can have some time to deal with this. 

    Let's get straight into what we need to do next.

    1.Weaponcrafting Table. It needs to have the v-t-e and it should be collapsed by default. The title should be aligned to center, too. I have posted this on confuzzles wall but he seems to be away for a while. So this will be on the agenda!

    2, Categories. I have always been trying to come up with the categories required for the weapon parts. Currently what I am thinking is each page with in the weaponcrafting table will get 2 category tags: Craft Key & Scope/Stock/(whatever it is). Any thoughts?

    3. Statistics. Maybe I should go on the forum and press for more information out of the EoR (Tell me the info NAO or…

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  • JMan Z

    I spent a whole day trying to implement a collapsible navbox, yet i failed. Ironically 5 minutes ago I just figured out that i "might" have accomplished it without knowing that it happened. But since i rollback-ed all my edits, i will leave the navbox as it is right now--the un-collapsing version.

    Well, it is clear that a LOT of information is missing, maybe that will serve as a reminder. Loadout is about to go Open Beta, yet we are missing the basic info on pages. I think i's time for everyone (Including me) to work 10x as hard. So yeah, that's all I will say.

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