Big boom boom
The Big Boom Boom is a custom LauncherLauncher made by Streak2. It deals a good amount of damage, while being able to be aimed and controlled easily.


Damage 49.33
Rate of Fire 0.54
Reload TIme 1.85s
Clip Size 1
Range 50.00
Hip Acc. 68.48%
Aim Acc. 100.00%
Stability 43.11%


Chassis Launcher
Stock Advanced Standard
Scope Laser-Guidance System
Barrel Toob
Trigger Advanced Semi-Auto
Payload Improved Slug
Propulsion Lobbed
Shell Advanced Impact
Detonator Advanced Contact
Dispersal Improved Explosive


This weapon is recommended to be used as a primary weapon. Shoot the enemy once with this, and finish off with a secondary weapon of your choice. 

You can also hit enemies behind corners by shooting a rocket towards the area, and then using the Laser-Guidance SystemLaser-Guidance System to bring the rocket behind the wall and at the hidden enemy. This can be useful when attacking enemies running away from you, or to attack enemies while avoiding damage. It is advised to aim before shooting with this weapon, as this takes advantage of the 100% aiming accuracy, and prevents the reloading from cutting off the zoom.

Keep in mind that this weapon has advanced and improved parts installed. Your stats will be similar, but not exact.

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