Motha Flakka
The Motha Flakka is a custom LauncherLauncher made by Streak2. It is a weapon that is ideal for Blitz, as the Flak works very well at dispersing damage to all enemies on a control point.


Damage 25.09
Rate of Fire 2.23
Reload TIme 2.59s
Clip Size 5
Range 50.00
Hip Acc. 70.89%
Aim Acc. 100.00%
Stability 11.49%


Chassis Launcher
Stock Advanced Standard
Scope Advanced Iron Sights
Barrel Improved Pentabarrel
Trigger Improved Salvo
Payload Advanced Pyro
Propulsion Improved Corkscrew
Shell Advanced Impact
Detonator Advanced Contact
Dispersal Improved Flak


As previously stated, this weapon is recommended to be used as a primary weapon for blitz. Charge your Salvo as you are approaching the control point, then release from a fair distance away. This will cause burn damage to any affected enemy, and gives them a 10% weakness to damage that you or your teammates can use.

This weapon is best when used in conjunction with a sustained weapon of your choice. This secondary serves as a damage source when you have to reload your rockets, and also is used to take advantage of the 10% damage from the Pyro of your rockets. It is suggested to use Slug as the payload of your secondary, as to maximize your damage output. It is also suggested to use Tesla Grenades in order to break shields before releasing your rockets.

Keep in mind that this weapon has advanced and improved parts installed. Your stats will be similar, but not exact.

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