So! This is the first of hopefully many blog posts to come! We'll be featuring any special events in the Loadout community, any major events that affect the game/wiki, and will be covering the weekly updates to the game!

So, without further ado, here's the latest changelog from the 3/26/2013 (and hotfixes):

Changelog 3/26/2013
New Features/Changes

Added new character customization pieces:

  • Camo Shirts for T-Bone and Axl
  • Black and White Suit for Axl
  • Camo pants for Axl
  • Marine Helmet and Kneepads for Axl

Increased SpaceBux pricing of Tier 2 and Tier 3 weapon parts.

Added a Field of View slider to the options menu.

Added a button to delete weapons in the arsenal. This option must be used with caution, as any spent upgrade points are permanently lost.

Gameplay Changes - General Nerfed Melee to 3 hits and reduced warping.

Added better looking temp generic gun images to Arsenal

Increased maximum range of looking up & down.

Added sprint camera bob check box to options menu.

The melee recovery frames are reduced so you can exit out of a melee strike faster.

Lowered difficulty of multikill and triple kill contracts

Changed wording on multi-kill contract to read "quad kill"

Added sprint camera bob check box to options menu.

The Death/Respawn screen now shows the match “Welcome” widget that includes open contracts and gamemode description.

The Contract widgets in the HUD now display their reward (i.e. star) value.

Moved the “New” button in the arsenal to be inline with the weapons. Naming dialogs were also inserted to bring it into line with the outfitter.

Weaponcrafting list got a dark reskin.

Gameplay Changes - Weapons Slowed rate of fire on burst trigger rockets slightly.

Added tier bonuses to some parts that had none.


Improvements to Server stability – reconnecting players will not be joined before their connection is ready.

Death Snatch vials no longer show up on the map if they fall off the world.

Matchmaking will not show disconnect messages while it is in normal progress.

Disconnection dialogue should properly show message for a specific class of connection issues.

Fixed a bug where the Overheal loop was stuck.

Fixed a bug causing character textures to display at the incorrect resolution..

Fixing bug where News Feed Item title was not updating immediately

Fixed the item reward code redemption screen for use.

Fixed the display of your current player level in the player progression screen

Fixed bug causing Burst, Full-Auto and Spooling trigger with the remote scope to fire multiple rockets at once.

Fixed an issue when a player disconnected due to time out, that caused them to be stuck on main menu with connection warning still up.

Fixed a bug where some graphics cards were making shadows appear darker on low and medium settings.

Fixed an issue with Fullscreen Display resolution on multi-monitor displays.


Selecting Region to join matchmaking is now located in the Options Menu in the "Game" tab.

Hot Fix 3/27/2013 

Fixed the "Play" button at Fight menu. Player should now be able to click Play.

Fixed a bug causing some users to experience a black screen when launching the game.

Hot Fix 3/28/2013 

Fixed an issue that could cause the server to get stuck in a perpetual "loading level" state.

Hopefully, this melee balance helps with the amount of spam, but it seems that it may have been over-nerfed. The fix for the burst trigger on launchers also helps with the launcher spam a lot!

TheConfuZzledDude (talk) 20:55, March 31, 2013 (UTC)

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