This is the second wiki blog post, and I'd like to say that a lot has happened since last post. Firstly, a big thanks to Raylan13 for helping spruce up the wiki. It really looks more appealing now, and it's mostly thanks to him. Anyway, the wiki's really grown in the last weak or two, so I'm really happy with it. If not for people like Jman  Z , it would not be anything right now. So without further ado, here's the latest update!

Changelog 4/09/13
Major News

In today’s build our beta participants will have access to the textured version of Trailer Park! Players will also have the ability to buyout their contracts using Spacebux, one of the most popular feature requests since we’ve introduced the Weapon Tier and Contracts system. 

New Server Locations Asia (Singapore) South America (Rio de Janeiro)

Call to Action

This week we’re looking for continued feedback on Contracts and Weapon Tiers! Now that the new contract buyout feature is live, we want our Testers to provide feedback on the system. 

NEW FEATURE / Changes:

  • Contract Buyouts are live. You can now spend a small amount of spacebux to buy out a contract, which will allow you to get rid of an unwanted contract and get a replacement. You can do this up to once per slot per game.
  • In your Locker screen, you can also see your past (10) completed contracts. The entry will show the date of when you completed that contract or if you bought out that contract.
  • Trailer Park is now textured.


  • The Welcome Widget HUD has improved its graphics and animations.
  • Add a cancel button to the purchasing flow. Players can now cancel purchases if Steam settings or network latency make a purchase untenable.
  • Speed up matchmaking screen by making fewer calls to get ping values.
  • Network disconnection messages will now indicate if the connection was lost entirely or just became too slow to keep up with the game. Players will be advised on steps they can take to correct the problem if possible.
  • Improved melee to give more player control during the swing and removed warping.
  • Added a “purchase required” icon to the Build/Save buttons in the Weaponcrafting/Outfitter screens. (This is effectively an extra notice that you’re about to buy something.)
  • Art improvements for the Weaponcrafting/Arsenal screens.
  • The currency counter in the lower-right corner of the screen can now be clicked on to purchase SpaceBux.
  • You cannot pick up blutoium if it is about to detonated
  • Can’t put self on fire then spread it to your teammates.
  • Added "Complete N matches" contract.
  • Added "Complete N matches for each game type" contracts.
  • Added "Spin the wheel N times" contract.
  • Contracts will now show progress on every update.
  • Reworded hammer defense force contract and Click Boom contract.
  • Reduced count needed for buckwheat contract.

Gameplay -- Weapons

  • Slight reduction to heal over time rate.
  • Reduced rifle chassis damage across the board by about 5%.
  • Made rifle chassis slightly less accurate.
  • Made gatling barrel slightly less accurate.
  • Slight reduction to accuracy and rate of fire for spooling trigger.
  • Spooling trigger takes slightly longer to spool up.
  • Reversed damage bonuses/penalties for narrow and wide scatter.
  • Slightly reduced damage bonus on bolt-action pulse magazine.
  • Increasing fire burn duration slightly, and adding back the 10% received-damage boost when you're on fire.
  • Slightly adjusted fire rate on semi-automatic trigger.
  • Charging weapons while diving and melee’ing will no longer pause. If a player releases the trigger during the roll it will fire afterwards.


  • Matchmaking flow now better handles error cases where your region was invalid.
  • Fixed issues where you were incorrectly pushed into a match, which resulted in a black screen.
  • Fix a server crash that occurs when players join the server on the frame the round starts or ends.
  • Fix a server crash due to the server detecting a bad state when a player joins. This state will still disconnect players, but their progress will now be saved.
  • Improve game stability – fix rare case where objects could spawn into the world in the wrong order causing them to be missing information.
  • Fixed some of the misaligned buttons in certain screens.
  • Fixed animation popping on turrets.
  • Ending a match with remote in remote missile, will no longer leave UI up for next screen. Sticky rockets can cast shadows.
  • Fixed tesla arcs from cluster rockets appearing from the origin of the world.

This update is definitely interesting. One thing I've noticed is that they've pretty much nerfed gatling-machine guns, which will hopefully reduce bullet spam. Trailer Park is textured which is always nice. The most major thing is this patch is the ability to buy-out contracts, instead of completing them manually. This is great for those of us who just save their spacebux, just hoping those better parts, but can't complete those hard contracts.

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